Target divisions to separate user access

Corsizio provides the ability to invite multiple users with different roles into an account to manage all of its data. Target Divisions are a way to place events into different divisions and associate account users with only the divisions applicable to them and restrict their access to the rest of the account. This means that users associated with specific divisions will only see event details and attendees for those events within the targeted divisions and nothing else. This adds additional privacy measures and isolates how much data each user can see or have access to within the account.

The account divisions are arbitrary to how you want to divide and target the users and events within your account. You can add as many divisions as you require. Once divisions are enabled, you will see them show up in many areas within the system for you to select from as targets or to filter the events list. All reports and their numbers are restricted to the user's divisions when they are viewing them.

Users that only have access to one or some divisions, but not all, will only be able to create and view events within those specific divisions that they were granted access to. As an account owner or admin, you can modify a user's division assignment at any time to give them more or less access to targeted events and their data.

Note: These divisions are not exposed publicly to attendees and are not used in any way on the generated public pages. Their purpose is only to control access to account data for users you have invited into the account.

Enable and configure target divisions

To enable and configure target divisions, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your account Settings, select Configurations, and then Target Divisions from the left side.
  2. Enable the Target Divisions feature by selecting the appropriate checkbox.
  3. Add as many divisions as you require by typing in each division as a separate entry. You can sort the divisions up and down to have them listed in the order you desire.
  4. After adding a new division, or editing any of the existing ones, be sure to save your changes.

Assign target divisions to account users

When you are inviting or updating a user, you will be able to assign target divisions that they are limited to see and operate within. Follow these steps to assign divisions to account users:

  1. Navigate to Settings ┬╗ Users List to view the current account users or to invite a new user into the account.
  2. Either update an existing user to see their settings or open the Invite a new user form to add a new user.
  3. You will see the list of divisions that were configured in the account to select from as the user's Target Divisions.

Associate events with target divisions

After enabling divisions on an account, then every event creation form will have the new option to Select Target Divisions as part of Step 1 of the event creation process. The screenshot below shows an example of where and how this list of divisions is displayed on the event creation form.

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