Why the reCAPTCHA robot check is not working

If any of your customers report that they cannot register for an event because of the reCAPTCHA robot check not working, this happens when people are using an insecure and outdated web browser, such as Microsoft IE (Internet Explorer) or an old Safari browser/Mac device that are no longer supported by most services online and by companies like Microsft or Apple themselves. 

It is very important to use a secure and up-to-date web browser for things to continue to function and be accessible on the web. The old IE web browser was decommissioned a long time ago and all online servers cannot serve security certificates to such an insecure browser. Google and others will not trust traffic from IE to render the reCaptcha checkboxes for robot spam on your registration forms properly.

Therefore, the solution is to ask anyone who raises this concern with you to use a secure web browser, like the latest and most up-to-date Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge browser that replaced IE a long time ago.

If you desire, you may opt to turn off the reCaptcha checkbox on your entire account from Settings » Configurations » Form Fields. However, that is not recommended as it protects your registration forms from robot submissions, should they ever happen. Ultimately, it is better for your attendees to use a proper web browser than turn this off, because other features may not operate correctly either on old and outdated web browsers. 

In conclusion, people have to keep up to date with upgrades and updates on their computers and mobile devices to have online services function properly and securely. It is also common for people to have more than one web browser on their device to choose from as well.

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