API: Endpoint & Authentication

Sometimes you or your team will need access to the account's data programmatically using a web API. This will allow your developer to securely connect and pull event and attendee data from the account. The instructions below will explain how to authenticate each API call with your account's secure API access key.

Root Endpoint


You must enable the API integration from inside your Account Integration Settings. Once you do so, you will be able to copy and store the API Secret Access Key to use on all API requests as outlined below within the authentication section. This step is required.

All API endpoints must use the root path above with the https request protocol.


We use secret access tokens to authorize the API requests and authenticate to the account, which will be identified using the signed access token. Every request to the API must include this secret access token in a specific HTTP header.

To authenticate, just add the HTTP header Authorization along with a value of Bearer {YOUR_API_SECRET_KEY}.

Be sure to replace the {YOUR_API_SECRET_KEY} with the account’s key found within the app under Account Integration Settings.

You must also grant the right permissions to your API Key from within the integration settings to be able to query the API for the information you desire.

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