The intended use for Corsizio

The type of event that you require registration and payment for will greatly determine which online registration software you should use. From classes and conferences to concerts and camps, each event has its own unique registration needs. Some events require no information from attendees; some require a lot. Some events require various coupons, discounts, add-on options, and conditions; others do not. Some events require prerequisite events, such as a specific order to the enrollment of each event, while others do not.
Therefore, to help you choose the right tool for your needs and get the most value out of Corsizio, this guide will provide an overview of how Corsizio works, and how it differs from other event registration software services.

What is Corsizio?

Corsizio is a registration and payment web platform that provides a balance of important features to meet event-centric and attendee-centric needs.
This means that users are provided with features to manage both their event and attendee data. Users create events for attendees to register, and when attendees register to those events users have an attendee record for every registration. This allows you to collect information about who is coming to the event, but your attendees do not create their own accounts with Corsizio. This ensures that you always get the most up-to-date information from your attendees, and they are not discouraged from registering to your events by needing to create their own accounts and remember yet more passwords.
Here are 7 important features to help you further understand Corsizio's intended purpose for use:
  • Corsizio is not a ticketing software
    Each registration requires the collection of basic attendee data and is unique.
  • Corsizio is not a shopping cart software
    Each registration is processed one at a time in order to provide a proper record for every attendee.
  • Corsizio is not a form builder software
    Corsizio registrations are meant to be quick and easy to fill out and provide the attendee with a single-step registration and payment process.
  • Corsizio is not a customer relationship management (CRM) software
    Corsizio is focused on getting you event registrations and payments quickly and easily, and not on managing customer relations.
  • Corsizio is not a newsletter or bulk email software
    Communication with attendees on Corsizio is focused strictly on transmitting information to them related to a particular event.
  • Corsizio is not a scheduling software
    Corsizio is geared towards group events that take place at a specific date and time and is not geared towards private on-demand bookings.
  • Corsizio is not an accounting software
    Corsizio provides basic reporting related to your events and is not meant to manage your payroll, and bank payouts are handled by Stripe and can be seen within their dashboard.

You can read our blog post How Corsizio Differs from Other Event Registration Software to learn more about how each of these features applies to and are handled by Corsizio.

What kind of events is Corsizio best for?

Corsizio was built to meet the needs of general group events, which are neither at the event-centric or attendee-centric end of the spectrum. 
  • Corsizio is INTENDED for a wide variety of classes, courses, lessons, workshops, seminars, training sessions, activities, and similar events from within any industry that publishes their events publicly and desires quick and easy registrations. 
  • Corsizio is NOT intended for events that require event-centric features, such as large concerts, which rely on shopping cart features without the need for any attendee data. 
  • Corsizio is NOT intended for events that require attendee-centric features, such as school programs, which provide private events where attendees need to have their own accounts to view and register for the events and manage their own info, payments, and schedules. 

Corsizio is not a custom solution

While it would be great to have all of your needs and desires met by the product or service you are interested in using, rarely is this the case, unless you invest in having a custom solution built for your business. 
Corsizio's purpose is to provide a general event registration platform that is streamlined, optimized, and focused on core features and functionality, in order to be effective, easy, and enjoyable to use. We know that there are many different preferences when it comes to how something works and how something looks, and while we offer some customization options for you, it is impossible to satisfy all of the wide-ranging desires without losing the integrity of our product. We are committed to providing you with a high-quality and high-value product in a way that is most efficient and economical for you through our fair and ultra-low pay-per-use pricing
Therefore, we encourage you to consider what your most important overall needs are and use the software service that will best meet those needs with the greatest level of satisfaction.
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