HTML embed of the account portal site

You can embed the Corsizio auto-generated portal site into your own website using an HTML iframe. Near the top and bottom of the Portal Site Configurations page, you will find an Embed code option.

When you click on the Embed code, you will be presented with a popup window that will present you with more configuration options to choose from and filter on depending on how you want your Portal Site Embed to appear. 

Manual Embed Code Generation

Follow the instructions below and add the  embed  query string parameter along with any value options as a comma-separated list to the end of the URL.{subdomain}?embed={option,...}

Path Parameters
Param Type Description
subdomain String The account’s configured subdomain or its ID to use for the embed.
Embed Parameter Options
Option Type Description
noheader optional Removes the page header, so it doesn’t clash with your website header design.
nofooter optional Removes the Corsizio branding footer from the embedded page only if your account was granted that ability.
notoolbar optional Removes the filters toolbar from the page.
nophotos optional Removes the cover photo from the display of each item.
nomessages optional Removes the top and bottom message bars if configured on the account.
nopadding optional Removes the padding of empty space around the page to make the embed fit as flushed within the space where it will be placed.
plain optional Automatically adds the noheader, nofooter, notoolbar, nomessages, and nopadding from the above options to present the page as plain as possible.
nocalendar optional Removes the calendar view option on the page.
calendar optional Shows the calendar view in an open state by default on the page.
hidestarted optional Hides any events that have already started rather than waiting until they end to be hidden from the page.
hidefull optional Hides any events that are full or sold-out rather than waiting until they end to be hidden from the page.
newtab optional Opens the links to event pages in a new tab. This will also be helpful for users to see that the page is secure and encrypted on Corsizio with a lock icon in case your website is not secured with a valid SSL certificate.
order:value optional Override the account’s default sort order setting. This can only be order:date, order:price, or order:name.
paging:limit optional Override the account’s default list paging limit setting. It can be paging:0 to disable paging completely and display all at once, or a limit like paging:40 or paging:100 as examples.
date:from:to optional Date range to pre-filter the list query in the form of date:FROM_DATE:TO_DATE where the date format is YYYY-MM-DD. You can omit either side of the range too. Examples would be: date:2017-06-24 or date:2017-06-01:2017-06-30 or even just a portion of the date like only a year date:2016 or a month range date:2016-11:2016-11. You can omit the from date as well to only filter the end dates like date::2017-07-18. Dates are inclusive and operate on the query in UTC time.

To embed a filtered view, visit your portal site directly first, filter on whatever you desire, copy the URL filter parameters from the browser's address bar, then add those to your embed code's src attribute of the iframe . This allows you to embed a pre-filtered list view of your portal site, and it works on any of the filters you have enabled, like a category, a location, and so on.

Note that the URL must be used as the src attribute of an iframe for this to work, or else an error will be displayed.

<script>/*version:4.0*/window.addEventListener('message',function(e){var id="corsizio-frame";var;if(!d.corsizio)return;if(d.iframeId&&d.iframeId!==id)return;var f=document.getElementById(id);if(!f)return;if(!d.iframeId){f.contentWindow.postMessage({iframeId:id},'*');return;}d.height>=0&&(f.height=d.height+'px');d.scrollTo>=0&&window.scrollTo(0,d.scrollTo);d.scrollIntoView&&f.scrollIntoView();});</script>
<iframe id="corsizio-frame" src="" width="100%" height="900px" frameborder="0"></iframe>
Example with Date Range and No Header
<script>/*version:4.0*/window.addEventListener('message',function(e){var id="corsizio-frame";var;if(!d.corsizio)return;if(d.iframeId&&d.iframeId!==id)return;var f=document.getElementById(id);if(!f)return;if(!d.iframeId){f.contentWindow.postMessage({iframeId:id},'*');return;}d.height>=0&&(f.height=d.height+'px');d.scrollTo>=0&&window.scrollTo(0,d.scrollTo);d.scrollIntoView&&f.scrollIntoView();});</script>
<iframe id="corsizio-frame" src=",date:2017-01:2017-06" width="100%" height="900px" frameborder="0"></iframe>
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