Color code event categories

The more you offer different types of events and the more events you accumulate over time, the more you will benefit from the proper organization within Corsizio so that you can quickly and easily spot and interact with your event data. One way that you can improve organization and categorization is by color-coding your event categories. This will help them stand out better for you, and it will also help your attendees locate events of interest more easily when they use your Corsizio event portal site.

How to Use the Color Code Feature

To enable this feature, follow these steps:
Go to the account Settings, then select Configurations, and then Categories on the left side. 
If you haven't already set up your category names, check the box to "Enable and use categories as a filter for events" and add in your chosen category names.
Assign a color to each category and be sure to Save categories before navigating away from this area.

Color-Coded Categories in Dashboard

When you view events in your account, you will now see the colored category labels associated with each event. This way you can filter, locate, and see the events you want to work with or refer to in a faster and easier way.

Color-Coded Categories on Calendar

Here is how your color-coded event categories will look on your internal event calendar when you switch to the calendar view.

Color-Coded Categories on Portal Site

Here is how your color-coded event categories will look on the public calendar on your portal site. This will allow your customers to Filter By Category to quickly and easily spot the events they are interested in.

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