Supported browsers and devices

Corsizio is built using modern web technologies to operate on all modern devices since it only requires a web browser. It does not require any kind of downloads or installations, neither for the event organizer nor the event attendees.

Supported browsers

Corsizio is supported on the latest up-to-date versions of the following modern web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Some other modern web browsers may work as well, like the latest Opera or Brave. Microsoft no longer supports IE 11 (Internet Explorer), and we do not support it, so be sure to switch to using Microsoft Edge or one of the other modern web browsers instead.

Corsizio is also supported in web browsers on modern and up-to-date iOS and Android mobile devices.

Supported devices

Corsizio runs on all devices that have one of the above browsers, including mobile web browsers for you to manage your account on the go. There is no native mobile app required, as you can view the web application on your mobile browser and access all functionality. The web application and all public event pages are designed to be responsive to all standard device sizes and will change the layout accordingly.  


All of our pages are securely transmitted using SSL encryption, but you must ensure that you are running the latest version of your browser to maintain the highest level of security.

Note: Be sure that your device has cookies and JavaScript enabled for proper application functionality.

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