Events with restricted or private registrations

In addition to general public group events, you can also create events for specific groups with restricted or private registration access. For example, these can be events for internal company use or for select participants that qualify for the event. You can accomplish this in one of two ways as will be described below.

To enable this option, go to Step 5 — Filters & Settings when creating or editing your event and turn on the "Restrict who can register to this event" feature.

Option 1: Restrict by organization's email domain

This uses the attendee's email address and is best for internal, company-specific events, where attendees share the same email domain
To restrict registrations to only those who use an email address from a specific organization's domain, enter that domain which comes after the @ symbol in an email address. You may restrict by multiple email domains by using a comma-separated list.

Option 2: Restrict by passcode 

This uses a predefined passcode and is best for unrelated attendee registrations.
To restrict registrations to only those who use a specific passcode, create and enter the passcode that you will share with them. You may restrict on multiple passcodes by using a comma-separated list. 
With this feature enabled, your event will now only allow certain individuals, based on your chosen and applied restriction, to register to it.
NOTE: While you can restrict who can register for your event, you cannot restrict who may be able to view your event page(s). Any page published online is subject to being crawled and indexed by web search engines, meaning that it is public. It is not possible to make your event pages or event portal site private on Corsizio, as that would require a completely different mechanism to authenticate all visitors with password-protected access.
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