Cancel a registration

Whether you have or don't have a refund policy, you may need to cancel a registration for one or more of your registered attendees. Cancelling their registration opens up a spot in your event, which is especially important if your event has limited spots available.

To learn about all of the functionality related to registrations, read the help doc How to edit registration information.

How to cancel a registration

To cancel a registration, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the attendee registration that you need to cancel. You can do this in one of several ways: use the search bar to find the attendee by name (easiest), search for the attendee from within your attendees list, or search for the attendee from within the event that they are registered to.
  2. Open the attendee's registration card (information panel). Select the Actions dropdown menu, choose the Cancel this registration option, and follow through with the given options depending on your needs.

You will have the ability to send an automated email to notify the person that the cancellation has been processed, and the option to fully and permanently delete the registration and the attendee details if there are no payment transactions entered for them.

How an attendee can cancel their own registration

You can configure your account and the event to allow an attendee to use the registration's self-serve link, provided on their confirmation email, to self-cancel their own registration if you desire. Lean how to configure the Attendee Self-Serve Page to accomplish this.

Cancelling is not refunding

Cancelling a registration does not refund the person if a payment was made during the registration process. These are two separate steps because there are times when just a cancellation may be needed without a refund or times when a refund may be needed without cancelling the registration.

If you need to process a refund, select the Payment tab on the attendee's registration card, and choose the Refund option to issue a full or partial refund. To learn more about refunding registrations, see our help doc: Issue a full or partial refund.

Cancelling is not deleting

Cancelling a registration maintains the registration in the system with a cancelled status. This opens up a spot in your event, and it also gives you an option to re-instate or transfer this registration to another event, if needed.

Deleting a registration completely and permanently removes the registration and all of its associated data from the system. To learn more about deleting registrations or expunging registration data, see our help doc: Erase personal data from registrations.

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