API: Get Event Details

Use this API endpoint to request details about a single event along with the ability to include additional data that are not normally included by default. Also, you will have the ability to expand certain data types from their ID value to their full data model representation during the parsing of your API request.

If you need the attendees list for the event, then use the include parameter to ask for the attendees and optionally the payment information for each attendee. Only use this option if you truly need that information. You also must have given the right permissions to your API Key from within your account integration settings.

GET /events/{id}

Path Parameters
Param Type Description
id String The event ID to request its full details.
Query Parameters
Param Type Description
include String List Used to include more data within the results that are normally not provided by default. Can be any of the following: filters, stats, attendees, payment. Separate multiple values with commas.
expand String List Used to expand and populate specific nodes within the results which are usually just IDs to their full data objects. Can be any of the following: filters, instructors, account. Separate multiple values with commas.
Example Request
curl -X GET "https://api.corsizio.com/v1/events/55bf96b5d762330433a63760" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_API_SECRET_KEY}"
Example Response
  "id": "55bf96b5d762330433a63760",
  "name": "Great Health Workshop 2016",
  "startDate": "2016-08-01T18:00:00.000Z",
  "endDate": "2016-08-02T00:00:00.000Z",
  "registrationCloseDate": "2016-08-01T18:00:00.000Z",
  "displayDate": "Monday, August 1, 2 - 8 PM (EDT)",
  "timeZone": "America/Toronto",
  "location": "First Canadian Place, 100 King St W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada",
  "priceFrom": 1200,
  "priceTo": 2100,
  "prices": [
      "price": 1400,
      "label": "Saturday Only",
      "earlyPrice": 1200,
      "earlyBefore": "2016-07-14T00:00:00.000Z"
      "price": 2100,
      "label": "Full Weekend"
  "currency": "usd",
  "pageUrl": "https://example.corsizio.com/event/55bf96b5d762330433a63760",
  "formUrl": "https://example.corsizio.com/register/55bf96b5d762330433a63760",
  "photoUrl": "https://example.corsizio.com/uploads/5255ea833ccc44c65400000d/events/55bf96b5d762330433a63760/photo-mJGnQkGHe.jpg",
  "mapUrl": "https://www.google.com/maps/place/100+King+St+W,+Toronto,+Ontario,+Canada,+M5X+1A9",
  "summaryHtml": "<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,</p>\n",
  "descriptionHtml": "<p>Nulla quis interdum orci. Vestibulum condimentum, felis vestibulum tincidunt mollis, tellus ligula dictum nunc, id consectetur massa augue nec turpis. Aliquam vel facilisis eros, a pellentesque risus. Mauris tristique, tellus non ullamcorper volutpat, ipsum dui laoreet nulla, in vehicula neque purus quis lectus. Suspendisse ut pulvinar risus, eu maximus mi. Donec lorem lectus, lacinia id purus sed, mollis pellentesque odio.</p>\n",
  "videoEmbed": null,
  "maxSpots": null,
  "contact": {
    "phone": "555.666.8989",
    "email": "classes@example.com",
    "name": "Student Administrator"
  "instructors": [
  "account": "5255ea833ccc44c65400000d"
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