HTML embed of an event details page

You can embed the details page of any of your events directly into your own website using an HTML iframe. After you select the event whose page you wish to embed, go to the Sharing / embed codes area. From the "Choose Type" dropdown menu, select Event Details Page Embed and check or uncheck the optional parameters as desired. Finally, Copy HTML embed code and use it as required.

Manual Embed Code Generation

You can also embed any published event or class page into your own website using HTML iframe and by adding the embed query string parameter along with any value options as a comma-separated list to the end of the URL.


Path Parameters
Param Type Description
subdomain String The account’s configured subdomain or the string site.
id String The event ID which to embed.
Embed Parameter Options
Option Type Description
noheader optional Removes the page header so it doesn’t clash with your website header design.
nofooter optional Removes the Corsizio branding footer from the embedded page only if your account was granted the ability.
nosocial optional Hides the social icons if you already have your own on your website or you don’t want them cluttering the page.
nopadding optional Removes the padding of empty space around the page to make the embed fit flushed within the space where it will be placed.

Note that the URL must be used as the src attribute of an iframe for it to work, or else an error will be displayed.

<script>/*version:4.0*/window.addEventListener('message',function(e){var id="corsizio-frame";var;if(!d.corsizio)return;if(d.iframeId&&d.iframeId!==id)return;var f=document.getElementById(id);if(!f)return;if(!d.iframeId){f.contentWindow.postMessage({iframeId:id},'*');return;}d.height>=0&&(f.height=d.height+'px');d.scrollTo>=0&&window.scrollTo(0,d.scrollTo);d.scrollIntoView&&f.scrollIntoView();});</script>
<iframe id="corsizio-frame" src="" width="100%" height="900px" frameborder="0"></iframe>
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