Integrate Corsizio with social media

There are several things that you can do to integrate Corsizio with your social media depending on your needs and preferences. This help doc will share four of the most common ways that you may wish to do this.

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Share event page or registration form on social media

One of the easiest ways to share with your audience about your events is to use the direct social media share icons that you will find in several areas within your account, like the Event Details page, as well as on all your public event pages and registration forms.

One of the best ways to promote your event and get people to register is to share it around on your social media channels. Just like you would share any other link, you just need the URL link, either to your event page or the event registration form or your entire event portal site, which you would then paste as a post on your social media.

To access these links open your chosen Event Details page within your Corsizio account, and select Sharing / embed codes, which you will find in the menu on the left side under Tools.

Add your social media link to your event portal site or "Thank You" screen

You can make people aware of your social media presence and invite them to join in or follow by adding navigational links to a social media page or group on your event portal site header and the "Thank You" screen attendees see after registering to one of your events. 
To do so, configure the links you need by going to Settings > Configurations > Portal Site. You can add your link(s) in the Extra Navigation Links section by filling in the desired label, adding the direct link, and choosing your target placement. Be sure to "save site setup" before leaving this area.

Here is an example of how these would show up on your customer's "Thank You" screen after registration:

For use on your portal site, it is recommended that you keep the labels short, and use 1 to 3 words max. For example, use "Facebook" or "Facebook Group" or "Follow on Facebook". Here is an example of how this can look like:

Add your social media link to your event page

Whether you would like to attract new followers or share with potential attendees what some of your previous events consisted of or looked like, which you have featured on your social media account, you may wish to include a link to one or several of your social media platforms on your event page(s).
Your social media link can be included anywhere you choose in the description of your event, which you complete as part of Step 3 — Description & Content, when creating or editing an event. This description field accepts Markdown formatting, which is how you need to format the link to work properly. There is a Markdown formatting information link above each description box that provides instructions for how to do markdown formatting.

For a text link

Place the text your audience will see in square brackets, followed directly, without any spaces, by the URL link to your social media profile in round brackets, as follows:


For an image link

First, you will have to find or host a small image of your desired social media icon on your website or from a public place, and acquire its full URL (web address), as Corsizio does not host any files or images of that sort on its platform. Then, copy the format below and place the image URL in the first set of round brackets, and the URL link to your social media profile in the second set of round brackets.


If you need to re-size the image, you will need to work with some HTML code, instead of Markdown, and can only input this into the Full Description box (not the Short Intro Summary box).

Copy the following pattern and fill it in with your information as follows: replace link_url with your social media profile URL, and replace image_url with the image URL for your hosted image, and adjust the size numbers if needed. They are currently set to feature a 36 pixel square image. This would be a common size for a social media icon, but you can modify it as you need.

<a href="link_url">
<img src="image_url" width="36" height="36"/>

Here is an example of how this can show on your public event page:

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