Website embed and links to your events

After you create and publish your event, you can now start marketing and promoting your event on your website, through your social media, and via any other applicable outlet using links, embed codes, and QR codes that Corsizio provides you.

How to use links and embed codes

To share your event info with others, follow these steps:

Go to the Event Details page for the event that you require any links or embed codes. Here you have three areas that will provide you with access to the Sharing / Embed Codes for the event, as follows: the left side Tools menu, the Tools Icon bar, and the Actions menu.
Access the Sharing & Embed Codes from one of the areas above.
In the " Choose Type" area, use the dropdown menu to select the type of link or embed you would like to use to share about the event with your audience. The option types are as follows:
  • Event Direct Links & QR Codes
  • Event HTML Link Embed
  • Event Card View Embed / Widget
  • Register Button Embed / Widget
  • Event Details Page Embed
  • Registration Form Embed
  • Events Portal Site Embed
Depending on what type you select, you may be given more configuration options, which will be automatically reflected in your link or embed code, as well as a preview of how an embed may appear.
Use the direct "Share" buttons or copy the links and codes you need and paste them into your social media, website, newsletters, and so on.

Advanced integrations

For any advanced integrations, you can use Corsizio's Developer API or read more about the HTML code generation and parameters in the help doc HTML code to embed integrations.
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