Register the same attendee to multiple events

Corsizio does not function like a shopping cart, where a person would add several products or services together and then checkout as part of one transaction. Shopping carts are great for e-commerce sites and marketplaces, but they are not ideal for event registrations when specific attendee data needs to be collected and each event's transaction needs to be tracked accordingly.

On Corsizio, each event has its own list of attendees and houses their respective registration records. This means that each attendee has a separate registration for each event, which allows for each registration to be managed independently of any others. In order to achieve this, Corsizio provides event registrations to one event at a time.

Benefits of using a single event registration process

For you

Individual, event-specific registration records provide you with precise record-keeping, where you can track all activity related to an attendee's registration for each separate event in their registration log. This allows you to add notes, provide discounts, transfers, cancellations, adjust pricing, and provide refunds to an event registration without impacting any other registration. You can also collect different fields of information on registration forms for different events without needing to conform to one general registration form for different events. 

For your attendees

This method of collecting registrations does not require the attendee to create their own account with Corsizio and keep track of more logins and passwords. The registration process is streamlined as a single step for each event, in order to be quick and simple. Additionally, people normally have auto-complete enabled on their web browsers, which allows them to fill out any online forms easily. The attendee also benefits by receiving separate email confirmations, receipts, and notifications for each event so that nothing is missed or overlooked. If a status, price, or other change is made to one event registration, it maintains everything in an orderly manner. For example, if an attendee registers to three events, but chooses to cancel and get refunded for one of them, they will be specifically notified of this event registration change and receive that specific refund on their credit card statement. 


The process of registering for one event at a time keeps the registration process clear and flexible for attendees and for you, for the most effective organization and record keeping. 

You can read more about how Corsizio differs from other event registration software.

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