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Corsizio is a self-serve platform that facilitates online registrations and payments for group events. This means that anyone who chooses to use Corsizio must feel comfortable using web-based services and be responsible for exploring and learning its features at their own time and pace. There are no demos or training sessions on Corsizio.
Our platform was designed to be very user-friendly and it is considered easy to use and self-explanatory by most of our customers. Therefore, to provide the best support while maintaining our low-cost, pay-per-use pricing, we offer an extensive help site that explains and illustrates with screenshots the different features that our service provides and how to use them.

We provide email support if there are any questions beyond what is covered on our help site. There is no phone support or live chat support on Corsizio.

One-on-one support is a costly feature, and you will notice that Corsizio does not have any monthly plans or any recurring costs or commitments. There are also no extra charges for any specialty features or any exclusive support. All of our customers enjoy our low-cost, pay-per-use pricing and have access to all features without any extra costs.

Of course, for this to work well for the benefit of all of our customers, it is essential that our free email support is not misused or taken advantage of for things such as unnecessary or redundant explanations that are covered in our help docs, routinely asking the same questions, seeking explanations beyond our service's intended usage, or expectations for Corsizio to do or have what it is not designed to do or have.

How to connect with us

Our email support operates during business hours in North American Eastern Standard Time. You can connect with us as follows:

  • Help Site: Here you will find an extensive collection of help docs composed of various articles, along with screenshots when applicable, to help you know how to use Corsizio and its many features, along with various tips and tutorials. The help site is easy to search by keyword and always available to you. You can, also, always use the help and contact widget to ask us any questions that you couldn't find the answers to. 
  • In-App Help Widget: In the bottom right-hand corner of the app, you will always find a button to get help and support. This will provide you with instant access to all of the help docs and a way to directly contact us from within the app.
  • Direct Email: You may email our support team at anytime, from anywhere. It reaches the same support inbox as the help and contact widget on the help site

Note: Corsizio focuses on providing the most value for the least cost to its users by having an efficient and lean operation. We treat all of our users equally by providing them with all features, and the same level of data storage, security, and support. We do not charge monthly fees or have any premium pricing plans. For such reasons, we do not provide phone support.

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