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Having a direct experience with something new is a faster and more effective way to learn than being told or shown something in theory. Therefore, to help you become acquainted with Corsizio's features and functionalities, and directly experience them yourself, you may wish to practice with some sample data before creating actual events and accepting real registrations and payments to them from your attendees.
This help doc will help you understand how you can test Corsizio's features and functionalities, using either auto-generated sample data or your own to experience the registration flow from your perspective as an account admin and your attendee's perspective when they register to your events.

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Testing with auto-generated sample data

Every new Corsizio account includes sample data to quickly show you what event and attendee data would look like in your account. It includes sample events, attendees, feedback, instructors, and coupons with which you can freely experiment. (Reports are excluded from the sample data, so you will not see any sample data there.)

It is recommended that you go through this sample data to familiarize yourself with the many fields, features, and functions that are part of the event creation process and attendee registration records. You can modify or add to this data, as part of your testing, in any way you like. You can even experiment with this sample data by registering yourself to the sample event, in order to experience the registration process from the perspective of your attendees, and preview what emails and other notifications look like. Just be sure to use your real email address (not a fake or sample one) so that you actually receive the registration emails.

Note: When you are ready to go live and create real events, you should remove the sample data (see below). This ensures that the sample events, attendees, feedback, instructors, coupons, and other sample data do not interfere with your actual data.

How to remove the auto-generated sample data

To remove the initial sample data, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your account Settings.
  2. In the Settings & Configurations section, select "Remove all sample data from this account". This will remove all the sample data all at once without you needing to delete it one by one and miss something in the process. The sample data can be removed anytime, and it can be re-inserted back if you need it in the same way.

ALERT: Do not use the sample data as part of your real data in any way, as it can be removed at any time.

Testing with your own sample data

In addition to the auto-generated sample data, you can create your own sample data, consisting of similar elements, to practice creating events and playing with any of the configuration options available. Here are some ways that you may wish to experiment with your own sample data:

  • Create a test event to familiarize yourself with all of the different features and configurations that are possible for your event page and registration form.
  • Register sample attendees to the test event to familiarize yourself with the registration process and emails received by the attendee and the admin. Just be sure to use a real email address for the registrations (it can be the same one every time) so that you actually receive the practice emails.
  • Create sample coupons and attendee feedback, if those are applicable to your needs.

Unlike with the auto-generated sample data, you can turn your own sample data into real data. There is nothing unique about the data that you create for sample or test purposes. For example, if you configured a test event to reflect the needs of your general events, then you may wish to use it as a template that you clone each time you need to create a similar event quickly. You are also responsible for removing any sample or test data that you create if at any time you no longer want it.

Testing payments

Corsizio's system has already been tested for accepting payments and all the integrations with Stripe. There is no need for you, the user, to actually test an online payment. If, however, you must test payment for any reason, you can register yourself to your paid event and use a real credit card to process the charge. Do keep in mind that this is a real transaction that will charge your credit card, and online payment service fees apply. Stripe's testing policy is not to do such personal testing with real transactions, especially ones with very low dollar amounts that can easily be flagged as fraudulent activity, given that the platform has already been tested and runs automated tests on a regular basis.

If you want to test the registration itself, you can register yourself to an event, as mentioned above, either using the auto-generated or your own sample event. You can bypass the payment in one of the following ways:

  • Make the event be free, and thus have a cost of zero.
  • Enable offline payments, and choose that option when performing a test registration.
  • Use a coupon that provides you with a 100% off discount.
  • Register manually by adding a new attendee to an event from the backend, which automatically gives you the option to bypass payment.

To learn more about how payments work, read the following help docs:

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