Changing an email address on account and events

When you create an account with Corsizio, there are several areas that require an email address. They are as follows, and will be described in this help doc:

  • Account: User Profile
  • Account: Billing & Usage
  • Account: Contact Info
  • Event: Contact Info
  • Event: Notification Recipients
  • Instructors

Note: If you need to change your email address at any time, changing it in one area does not impact the other areas, and each must be changed separately, as needed.

Account: User Profile

This is the email address associated with your Corsizio account for login purposes and other communication needs. This email address is used initially as the default contact info for events unless you configure your account and events differently. This is also the email address that shows up on usage billing invoices, as will be described below. Only account users have the ability to change their own email addresses. If you invite another user to the account, they need to change their own email address; it cannot be changed by you.

To change your user email address, go to the account Settings and select My User Profile. Then fill in your new email address and "Save user profile."

Account: Billing & Usage

If you enable usage billing, the user profile name and email address will be automatically used for the billing contact information, if this area is left blank and not filled out with a different contact. This email address is where billing receipts will be sent and what will show on the invoices. If you would like to set a contact person that is different than your user profile, then you can fill out different billing contact information here.

To change this billing email address, go to the account  Settings and select Billing & Usage. Then fill in the appropriate billing name and email address and "Save billing contact."

Account: Contact Info

The default contact info is initially picked up from the user profile name and email address. You can change this as you wish. Its purpose is to be copied automatically as the public contact info for your events when you are creating them.

Note: If you change this default contact information, it will not automatically change the contact information on any of your current events but will be used on any new events you create.

To change this email address, go to the account  Settings, select Configurations, and then select Contact Info. Then fill in the appropriate contact name and email address and "Save contact info."

Event: Contact Info

The event public contact info is initially pulled from the default account settings to save you time, but you can change it per event as needed. This contact info is presented to your audience on all public event pages, registration forms, and receipt confirmation emails. This is how your audience can ask questions about the event or anything related to it.

To change this email address, go to Step 1 - Main Details when creating or editing an event. Fill in the Contact Info for the event as needed. You can revert to the default contact info set for the account at any time.

Event: Notification Recipients

When you create an event, you have the opportunity to select the recipients that will receive notification emails for every new registration or feedback submission for that event. Be sure to visit this area within your event to make sure that the correct email addresses will still be receiving the notifications, especially if you change your user email or one of the instructor email addresses, or if another account user changes their email. You can add or change the email addresses of additional people who may not be instructors or account users, but who need to receive notification emails for this event.

To configure these email addresses, go to Step 5 — Filters & Settings when creating or editing an event, and turn on the option "Receive notification emails for every new registration or feedback submission." Then, click on "Select/change recipients" to add or modify recipient email addresses.


When you add instructors, who show up with their bios on event pages, you also input their email address, which allows them to receive notifications to the events they are associated with. You can change and update all of their information, including their emails anytime.

To change this email address, go to the Instructors section from the primary navigation menu. Select the instructor that you need to make changes for and then select Edit Instructor. This will open up their instructor profile where you can edit their email accordingly.

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