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As part of Corsizio's event registration and payment process, your attendees are sent automatically-generated emails. This help doc will show you how to preview most of these automated emails and learn more about their functionality.

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What Notification Emails are Sent to Attendees

Corsizio's automatically-generated emails may include the following, depending on your event setup:

Note: The emails you receive as a user are not the same as the emails sent to your attendees. Your notification emails will come from Corsizio, and your attendees will receive emails with your branding and your account name as the "From" name of the email.

How to Preview Attendee Emails

To preview any of these emails you must have an attendee registration inside your account.
  • Option 1: Use a sample attendee from the sample data that we provide you with. This sample data is available when you create a Corsizio account to allow you to explore, experiment, play, test, and understand how Corsizio works and how to use it. Aside from seeing what an event or attendee registration would look like in your dashboard and the options you have to manage them, this also provides you with the ability to preview any of the above-mentioned emails. You can remove or bring back this sample data anytime with one click from your account Settings.
  • Option 2: Register yourself or a fictitious person as a test attendee to an event. This can be a real or sample/test event. Just be sure to use your real email address or you will not receive the emails you wish to preview.
  • Option 3: Use a real, already registered event attendee. This is possible if you already created an event and began to accept or add registrations.
Option 2 allows you to preview any of the emails, given that you will directly experience the registration process the same way as your attendees.
  • When you register a test attendee using your own email address, you get to see what a confirmation/receipt email will look like.
  • If you make the test event have a shortly upcoming date, and you enable automatic reminders to be sent by email to all attendees a number of days prior to the start date (Step 5 — Filters & Settings), then you will see what an event reminder email looks like.
  • If you cancel the test registration and process a refund for the test attendee, you get to see what the registration cancellation and refund emails look like.
Options 1 and 3 only allow you to preview the mandatory registration confirmation receipt email and the optional payment request email and optional feedback request email To preview any of these, visit the details panel (information card) by choosing any registered attendee, and select the Actions dropdown menu, which will provide you with these three email preview options, as shown below.

How to Preview Memo Emails

There is one more optional type of email that your attendees may receive — memos, which may be connected to a specific attendee or an entire event. To learn about using memos, read Messaging attendees with memos.

Select Attendee Memos

If you choose to communicate with a specific attendee by sending them a memo, you can preview this memo when you finish drafting it using the "Save & Preview" button. It is accessible from the same Actions menu, as seen above.

Entire Event Memos

If you choose to communicate with all attendees within an event by sending them all a memo at once, you can preview this memo the same way using "Save & Preview" when you finish drafting it. The Memos option for an event is found in the left side-bar menu of a selected event, under View. Any memos that you have sent to select or individual students within that event will also be shown here.

How to Send a Confirmation Receipt to a Secondary Email Address

Besides sending the confirmation receipt email to the primary recipient, if you create a custom form field with the type "email" when configuring your event and its registration form, then the person completing the registration will be given the option at the bottom of the registration form to send a copy of the confirmation receipt to any secondary email address that they filled out on the form.
This option should be used as minimally as required, if at all, so that the other people are not sent emails they are not expecting and potentially marking as spam, which can impact the delivery of such emails to other recipients. Normally, the registering person would just use the "forward" function from within their email inbox upon receiving their own confirmation receipt to send the email to someone else. However, in cases where this is not possible, then a secondary email address is helpful.

How to Send Notification Emails to Staff

As an event creator, you can also send to yourself, or to whomever you deem applicable, notification emails of every new registration or feedback submission from attendees. You can configure this as part of Step 5 — Filters & Settings.

For more information on this topic, please refer to the help doc: Notification emails for instructors.

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