Time zones and formats

When you are configuring your account, one of the first things that should be done is to set your primary time zone. This is the time zone that you are located in and will do most of your events in. When you are creating an event, you can always override the time zone set on the account if needed. 

Setting time zones

Global account time zone

To set or change the time zone for the entire account, follow these steps:

Go to the account  Settings from the primary navigation menu, and then select  Account Profile from the left side menu.
Use the Default Time Zone dropdown menu to select your time zone. It may be reflected by your exact location or a location closest to your time zone. For example, someone in Tampa, Florida, or Savannah, Georgia may choose “America/New York - EST/EDT” or another eastern time zone location.
This is now the time zone that will be associated with all of the events that you create in this account unless you override this time zone for any events as outlined below.

Specific event time zone

To override or change the default time zone that you set for the account on a specific event, follow this step:

Go to Step 1 — Main Details and change the time zone for the event.

This allows you to create events in different time zones.

Note: All dates and times that are rendered within the application and visible on all public pages, emails, and within exports are transformed to the time zone that is configured on the account or the event itself. If the registrant is in a different timezone than the event's timezone, the system will also display another version of the time in their current timezone, for their convenience.

Localization of time formats

Different conventions exist around the world for time formats with the 24-hour clock and the 12-hour clock, along with calendar week starting on Monday or Sunday. This can be accomplished in Corsizio by setting the correct localization language.
The default on Corsizio is the 12-hour clock, which stipulates the time based on "AM" and "PM", given that the application is only rendered in the English language. You can have the times display as in the  24-hour clock by changing the account's localization language to English (en-GB) for the European display of time. It can be changed as part of the localization of public pages setting to some of the other languages available. The localization language can be set account-wide, as well as overridden on a specific event when needed.
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