Public contact information on events

The public contact information that you associate with your events is very important, as this is how your registrants can be in touch with you and ask any questions before, during, or after your event. 

Every event must have at minimum a public email address as the contact information. You can set this information as the default contact on an account-wide level or provide it for each event specifically if you have events with different needs.

This contact information will be visible publicly on each event page and at the bottom of every registration form and email, including all confirmation receipt emails sent to your registrants.

Account-wide public contact information on events

If you want to have the default public contact email address on the account to be the same as the user profile email, because the account owner is responsible for all event-related inquiries, then nothing needs to be done on your end. The user email will automatically be copied and used as the default public contact info for the account and associated with each event.

If you need the default public contact email address on the account to be different from the user profile email, then you can configure this as follows:

Go to the account Settings, then Configurations, and then select Contact Info.
Fill in the desired Default Contact Info.
Be sure to Save contact info before leaving this area.

You still always have the option to override any default public contact info that you set for the account on an event-specific level, as needed and described below.

Event-specific public contact information on events

To override the default contact info that is on the account and provide other public contact info for an event, follow these steps:  
Go to Step 1 — Main Details when creating or editing an event.
Scroll down to the Contact Info and fill in this area as needed. The email address is required, whereas the name or position and phone number are optional.
When you have finished configuring this step,  Save & Exit or proceed to the next step.

Note: To learn more about how and where email addresses are used, read the help doc: Changing your email address on your account and events.

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