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Corsizio allows your attendees to register for your events without them needing to create their own accounts and keep track of any user logins or passwords. This helps to minimize any friction associated with the event registration process and make it as quick, easy, and efficient as possible. Nonetheless, your attendees still have some ability to view or manage their registration using their auto-generated self-serve page.

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What the self-serve page allows attendees to do

The self-serve page can allow your attendee to:
  • View the details of the event(s) they registered to
  • View and resend the confirmation receipt email
  • Pay for an outstanding charge on the event they registered to
  • Submit feedback for an event they registered to
  • Download granted certificates, if applicable
  • Cancel an event, if you turn on this feature for them
  • Reinstate themselves back into an event, if you turn on this feature for them

Note: If attendees cancel their registration to an event, this is not equivalent to a refund. The self-serve page does not allow attendees to process any refunds since these are handled differently by each business depending on their policy. Therefore, if a refund is required either the attendee needs to reach out to the contact person shown on their registration confirmation email OR you as the account user need to reach out to the attendee when you receive a cancellation. To learn more, read the following help docs: Cancel a registration and Issue a full or partial refund.

How to configure the self-serve page on the account

To configure the self-serve page feature for your attendees go to your account Settings, then  Configurations, and then to the Self-Serve Page settings area.

By default, access is enabled to the attendee self-serve page in your account, which allows the attendee to see all of their registrations, submit feedback, download granted certificates, and view or perform other common actions.

If you would like your attendees to also have the ability to cancel their own registrations to the event they are registered for and reinstate themselves back to that event, if they change their mind again, you can also enable these options for them from within the additional actions in the above configuration settings. 

Note: Attendees cannot reinstate themselves if you have cancelled their registration; they can only reinstate themselves if they were the ones to self-cancel the registration.

How to configure the self-serve page on an event

These self-serve page configuration settings are global for your entire account, however, you can also override them for each event as needed. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Step 5 — Filters & Settings when you are creating or editing your event.
  2. Check Enable access to the attendee self-serve page for the event registrations, if it is not already.
  3. Select either the account configured default self-serve page settings OR override the default self-serve page settings and configure as desired. 
  4. When you are finished with this step, be sure to Save & Exit.

How the self-serve page is accessible for attendees

The self-serve page is only accessible via a registration confirmation email that the attendee receives after they register for an event. If you want to preview a self-serve page yourself, you will need to register yourself with your own email address to one of your events or the sample event provided in your Corsizio account initially. If you have enabled the self-serve page, the attendee's registration confirmation email will contain a smart link, which when clicked will ask them to verify their email address, as follows: 

If the email address matches what is associated with the registration email, then the attendee will be granted access and see all of the registrations that match that email address. 

In this way attendees can access any or all of the self-serve functionalities listed above without requiring any logins or passwords.

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