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Corsizio can be used to offer a variety of free and paid events. If some or all of your events have no cost and are free, this help doc will explain how these work on Corsizio and address special configurations related to free events.

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Fees associated with free events

Regardless if you offer free or paid events, all users get access to all features, support, security, and data storage. Corsizio aims to provide all users with the highest amount of value for the lowest cost, and thus offers usage billing for processing registrations on a pay-per-use and volume basis.

Free events will only be subject to usage billing fees, if your registrations go over the free low-volume limit of 50 registrations in any given month.

If your events are free and you do not need to collect any payments for them, they are not subject to any online payment processing service fees.

Note: The add-ons feature can be used on free events. If you will be collecting online payment for the add-ons as part of the free event, it will be subject to online payment processing fees.

How to create a free event

A free event is created in the same way as a paid event, using Corsizio's simple 5-step process.

Go to  Step 2 — Pricing & Payment when creating or editing an event that will be free.
Enter "0" for the price to indicate a free event.
Decide if you want the price to show as "FREE" on public pages or be hidden by checking the appropriate boxes. If you check the box  "Hide pricing from public list view," this will not show the word "FREE" or anything else on the event list view on your auto-generated portal site. If you check the box "Hide pricing from all public pages," this will not show the word "FREE" or anything else everywhere, including the auto-generated portal site, event page, and embed cards, except on the registration form for the event.
Note: You can hide the price of free ($0) events per event or you can do it account-wide so that it applies to all the free events in the account. See the section at the bottom of this help doc to learn how to hide the free label on the account.
When you have finished configuring this step, Save & Exit or proceed to the next step.

How free events show on public pages

If you have free events and you did not hide the pricing info, then your audience will see the pricing for these displayed as follows:

On the portal site, free events will have the word "Free" where a price would normally be found.

On the event page, free events will have the word "Free" where a price would normally be found.

On the registration form, free events will have a "0" in the "Price Details" section.

How to remove the free price display for the account

If you would like to remove the "Free" word from the portal site and event pages, as well as remove the "Price Details" section from the registration form, for all events in the account you can do this as follows:

Go to the account Settings, then select Configurations, and then Portal Site from the left side menu.
Scroll down to the Price Display Options and check the box "Hide any free ($0) pricing labels on generated pages".
Save site setup before you leave this configuration area.

Note: Any internal areas in the account that you see as a user will still show a price of "0" where applicable for your reference.

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