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Every event has the ability to receive feedback from your attendees after the event has finished. This help doc will explain everything related to using this feedback feature.

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How to request feedback automatically from attendees in an event

The feedback feature is always available when you create an event. However, attendees are not sent a feedback request unless you enable it.

If you would like to request feedback automatically from all attendees in a particular event, follow these steps:

Go to Step 5 – Filters & Settings when you are creating or editing the event for which you want to request feedback.
Turn on the "Send feedback requests automatically by email to all attendees" feature. This can be done before or after the event ends. If you enable this before the event ends, an email requesting feedback will be sent to them shortly after the event finishes. If you enable this after the event ends, an email requesting feedback will be sent to them shortly after you enable this.
You have the option to check the box "Only send these automated feedback requests to attendees flagged as attended" if you will be taking attendance for the event. Please note that if you select this option, then you need to enter all attendance for this event within 48 hours of its end date and time.
You also have the option to check the box "Override the built-in feedback link with an external link for this event " if you would like to collect your own feedback via an external service, like Google Forms or Google Reviews, and not use the default internal and private feedback feature on Corsizio. If you choose to use this override, enter the external URL in the box where you want to direct your event attendees.

When you have finished configuring this step, Save & Exit.

How to request feedback manually from attendees in an event

If you choose not to send out an automatic feedback request email to all attendees after the event, you always have the option to select specific attendees from whom you would like to request feedback manually.

If you would like to request feedback manually from select attendees in a particular event, follow these steps:

Locate the attendee from whom you would like to request feedback. You can do this in one of several ways: use the search bar to find the attendee by name (easiest), look for the attendee from within your attendees list, or look for the attendee from within the event that you would like feedback for.
Select the Feedback tab on the attendee's registration card, and then " Send feedback request now". This will send a feedback request email to that attendee.

What the feedback request email looks like

At any time, you can use the "Preview feedback request email to see what this email will look like for attendees. This option is found under the Actions menu of any attendee's registration card.

Here is an example of what this feedback request email looks like:

What the feedback form looks like

Corsizio provides you with a simple generic feedback form that allows your attendees to submit a star rating and optional feedback comments as follows:

This feedback form is not customizable. If you require a different or more in-depth feedback form, it is recommended that you use a survey or rating service or create your own custom feedback form and use the "Override the built-in feedback link" option explained in Step 3 of "How to request feedback automatically from attendees in an event" above, to direct your event attendees to an external survey or rating service. 

How to view event feedback

There are two main areas within your account that allow you to view and analyze your event feedback.

Option 1: Account-Wide

To view all of the feedback that you have received from all of your events using Corsizio:

Select Feedback from the primary navigation menu.
Analyze the data as needed. You can order it by date or name or filter it by rating, keyword, or date. You can also export the feedback data in a CSV format using the Actions menu in the top right area.

Option 2: Event-Specific

To view the feedback for a specific event:

Select the desired event using the search or the Events list and then access its Feedback from the left side menu.
You can export this data in a PDF or CSV file using the Actions menu in the top right area.

How to share event feedback publicly

The event feedback that is received from attendees via Corsizio is only visible to account owners and any other user that has been invited to be part of the account. It is not visible publicly by default, but you can publish any feedback received on Corsizio to show on the auto-generated portal site if you desire. Relevant feedback that you have made public will also show up on public event pages, if applicable.

Follow the steps below to display a list of feedback on your portal site:

Go to the Feedback list from the primary navigation menu.
Select a feedback entry, which will open it in the attendee's registration panel under the Feedback tab.
Select Publish feedback if you wish to make this feedback public. A screen will appear with publish options, allowing you to confirm whether to make the feedback public or private.

Note: For the published feedback to show on your portal site and event pages, you must enable the feature in the Settings » Configurations » Portal Site area. There, you will find an option to turn on the Public Feedback List and configure a few display options.

Other ways to share feedback publicly:

  1. Copy the feedback content and paste it on your website however you like. For example, you may have a specific testimonials or reviews section already on your website that you wish to add this to.
  2. Take a screenshot of the feedback received and share it on your website or social media, as desired.
  3. Export the feedback as a CSV file and potentially feed it into another database that would display and rotate them on your website.

Note: If you have chosen to override the default feedback collection on Corsizio and, instead, chosen to direct your attendees to leave you feedback on some other site or service, then any such externally-generated feedback cannot be imported into Corsizio. Rather, it exists on the service that was used to collect it and follows that service's options for whether it is kept private or shared publicly.

How to NOT receive feedback for an event

You have the option of not sending out any automatic or manual feedback request emails. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of receiving feedback, but it may not eliminate it completely.

If you have enabled the attendee self-serve page and any of your attendees end up using it, they will see an option there to provide feedback about the event. It is not possible to remove this option from the self-serve page, but since the feedback is received privately and not made public, it can simply be disregarded if you do not need it or care for it.

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