Limit available spots for registrations

If your event has a limited number of spots available or if you desire to monitor it for a minimum amount of attendees, you can set these maximum and minimum restrictions for the event.

Important: The system enforces a ceiling limit of 1000 registration records per single event, regardless of their current status. No more registrations will be accepted above this limit by the system. If you set your own maximum limit, it must be below this ceiling limit of 1000.

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How to set a maximum number of spots available

To limit the number of spots for your event, follow these steps:
Go to Step 5 – Filters & Settings when you are creating or editing the event that you need to have a limited amount of spots.
Turn on " Limit the number of spots available" to enable this feature.
Enter the maximum number of spots that you have available for this event. When the number of registrations reaches this maximum, no more registrations will be accepted. It must be under 1000 as that is the top ceiling limit of total registration records for a given event.
Check the box  "Always display the actual number of spots available to the public on the auto-generated portal and event pages" if you would like to share this information publicly with your audience. Otherwise, the system will display the message "Hurry, limited spots left" when there is a small percentage of spots left based on what the maximum limit is set to.
When you are finished with this step be sure to Save & Exit.

Note: When you limit the number of spots for an event, you may also wish to use the waiting list feature in case you get any cancellations or wish to gauge the interest of your audience for this event.

How limited spots are displayed to the public

On the event portal site, your audience will see how many spots are left on all events with a set maximum limit if you enabled this option in step 4 above. Otherwise, they will not see anything different until the event has a small percentage of spots left based on what the maximum limit is set to, in which case they will see the "Hurry" message in that spot.

On the event page, the same thing will apply, as explained above for the portal site, located above the "Register" button at the top of the page.

On the registration form, the same thing will apply, as explained above for the portal site, located at the top of the form.

Full and sold-out events

If the event sells out of available spots, then the word  Full will replace the Register button, and no one else will be able to register for the event. This will show on the portal site and the event page. 

If a person tries to click the "Full" button to register, the screen will display the following message:

How to set a minimum number of spots available

Aside from setting a maximum number of spots available, you may also wish to set a minimum number of spots that you want to monitor for your personal reference. 

  • Setting a minimum spot number does not impact registrations at all.
  • Setting a minimum spot number can be done with or without setting the maximum limit, as part of the same feature in Step 5.

Note: Setting a minimum number of attendees for an event is not displayed anywhere to your audience on public pages. It is strictly for you to quickly see within your account any events that have not yet reached their minimum desired registrations.

Other event limits

Corsizio does not track or provide limits on the following:

  • The number of events that an attendee can register for; they can register for as many different events as you offer. Attendees are only prevented from registering to the same event with the exact same name and email address combo to prevent duplicate registrations, but you can override this if you would like in Step 5 - Filters & Settings.
  • The spots available for a specific pricing category. If you have, for example, student, adult, and senior pricing categories configured for an event, you cannot set a limit on the number of spots for any or each of these individually. You can only set a limit on the event as a whole, as described in this help doc.
  • There is no tracking of add-ons or any such inventory, but you have some configuration options to "limit the total available units for an add-on" and "allow the entry of an add-on quantity". See the help doc Events with pricing add-ons to learn about this feature.
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