Events with multiple price categories

If you offer events that have distinct pricing for different audience members, Corsizio provides you with the ability to offer multiple-price categories on registration forms. This feature is configured and enabled per event, not account-wide, and you can customize and label multiple price categories any way you need for your event.

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Multiple price category uses

Here are some examples of when multiple price categories may be required for an event:

  • Age-related pricing options, such as Child, Adult, and Senior
  • Status-related pricing options, such as Member and Non-Member
  • Time-related pricing options, such as Half Day, Full Day, and Full Weekend
  • Package-related pricing options, such as Single Class, 3 Class Pass, and 5 Class Pass
  • Sliding scale options, such as High Income Standard Fee, Mid Income Reduced Fee, Low Income Minimum Fee
  • Pay-what-you-want option for donations and gratuities

How to use the multiple price category feature

To enable this pricing feature for an event, follow these steps:

Go to Step 2 – Pricing & Payment when you are creating or editing the event that you want to have multiple price categories.
Fill in the label and price of your first category, and configure any additional attributes as shown in the subsequent steps. You can re-order, disable, or remove price categories at any time.
Check the box "Enable early-bird price" if you have configured this discounted price and wish for it to apply to this pricing category. Fill in the appropriate early-bird date and price. If you are offering coupons or volume discounts on the event and want for them to apply on top of the early-bird discount, also check the box "Discountable early-bird".
Click on "Show additional options" to provide an "Optional short description" of your pricing category and to access other add-on configurations.
Check the box "Allow the entry of a variable amount as the price" if you would like to give your registrants the option to provide a flexible amount as payment for the event based on what they can afford or some other criteria. You must still have a price entered for such a variable price category, which will be used as the lowest acceptable amount that can be entered by the registrant. Please notice that coupons, early-birds, or other additional discounts cannot apply to such variable price categories.
Check the box "Allow coupon discounts to apply to this price" if you would like to allow coupons that have been configured on the event to apply to any of your price categories and reduce their price accordingly on the registration form. Recall from step 3 above that coupon discounts will not apply to the early-bird price, if you have one, unless you check the box to also make it be discountable.

Once you have set up and configured all your pricing categories, decide if you want the price to show or be hidden by checking the appropriate boxes. If you check the box "Hide pricing from public list view" this will hide the price of this event on the event list view on your auto-generated portal site. If you check the box "Hide pricing from all public pages" this will hide the price of this event everywhere, including the auto-generated portal site, event page, and embed cards, except on the registration form for the event.

When you are finished configuring this step,  Save & Exit, or proceed to the next step.

How other pricing features impact multiple price categories

  • Early Bird: This can be customized for each pricing category. Each price category can have its own unique early-bird price enabled or disabled.
  • Coupons: You can enable coupons for multiple-price category events in the same way as any single-price category events. Enabled coupons will apply to the event price unless you indicate that a specific price category is not discountable, as described in the "how-to" section above. 
  • Volume Discounts: If a volume discount is enabled on the event, it will count all registrations for that event in the same way. This means that any discountable price category within a multiple-person registration flow will count towards the volume discount.
  • Add-ons: You can offer as many add-ons as you need for the event and they will all show up on the registration form the same way, regardless of what price category an attendee selects. If you need to differentiate add-ons in some way, such as what price category should correspond to what add-on, you can do this by providing a short description of each add-on when configuring it but it is not something that the system will control or regulate.
  • Taxes: You can turn taxes on or off for an event that includes multiple price categories. However, if you are using them you cannot have taxes apply to some but not others on the registration form. Taxes always apply to the total amount due when taxes are turned on for the event.

How multiple price categories are displayed

  • On the event page and event portal site, your customers will see the lowest price option listed (including any early-bird pricing that may be in effect), preceded by the word "from".

  • On the registration form, your customers will see all of the price options in the order that you present them (including any early-bird pricing and descriptions).

  • In the Attendees section of the event, you have the option to filter by price category to quickly and easily locate attendees from within any of your price categories.

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