Billing and payments for nonprofit organizations

Corsizio offers all of its users access to all features and the same level of service, support, and data storage. We aim to offer the most value possible to all users through our already highly discounted pay-per-use pricing. Therefore, there is no differentiation for any organizations or businesses, whether they operate as a nonprofit (not-for-profit) or charity, and wish to accept registrations and payments using Corsizio.

Accepting Registrations

Corsizio offers a free low-volume usage allowance whenever your registrations do not go above 50 in any given month. This satisfies the needs of most of our users who do not run many events or who have small events. This means that you can use Corsizio to benefit from all of its features and accept up to 50 registrations per month completely for free (online payment fees may apply if events are paid). 
If you have higher volume needs, above 50 registrations, in any given month, then our pay-per-use pricing of $0.10 (ten cents) per registration applies. Please refer to the Usage Billing help doc for full details.

Accepting Online Payments

If your event is paid (not free) and you choose to accept online payments from your attendees, those payments are subject to online payment service fees that include Corsizio's payment processing fee and Stripe's payment processing fee. Just like with registrations, we aim to offer everyone a fair and accessible rate for using our service and only have a flat nominal amount of $1 per online payment processed, instead of a percentage.
Standard credit card processing fees cannot be avoided, but Stripe may be able to offer lower credit card rates to nonprofits who have official status, depending on your payment processing volume. Stripe does not have a published set amount for nonprofits but handles it on a case-by-case basis. To inquire about what may be possible for your nonprofit organization, you will need to email them ( directly.
You can also read the help doc How to save on online payment service fees to learn how to minimize these costs.
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