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Corsizio provides you with the ability to collect both offline and online payments on registrations to your events. Refer to this article for help with offline payments and to the online payment article for help with those. Offline payments allow your customers to skip the payment during registration, and provide you with the choice to completely collect all payments for your event offline or simply give your attendees the option to pay later online, as long as you enable online payments too.

Note: If you are only accepting offline payments, and never plan to accept any online payments, you do not need to integrate your Corsizio account with Stripe, since you will be responsible for collecting all monies that you receive as offline payments.

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How to accept offline payments

To provide your customers with the ability to pay offline for your event, follow these steps:
Go to Step 2 – Pricing & Payment when you are creating or editing the event that you want to accept offline payments.
Check the box "Enable offline payments to pay later", which will allow your customers to register to the event without having to pay online or at the same time. It is recommended that you fill out the Offline Instructions so that customers know how to pay you, and you can also fill in an Effective Before date if you need. 

As part of this event creation step, you also have the option to Enable pending payments automatic email reminders, which would automatically be sent on the date of your choosing to any attendees who still owe you money as part of their event registration.


When you are finished with this event step be sure to Save & Exit or proceed to the next event step.

Note: Offline payments will also take into account any other features that you enable as part of Step 2 — Pricing & Payment, including early-bird pricing, deposit payments, coupons, add-ons, multiple price categories, and volume discounts. You can also enable both online and offline payments for the same event.

How to add manual offline payments

For accurate reporting and proper business practices, be sure to add any offline payments you receive as manual payments on the attendee's registration panel within Corsizio. You are not charged anything for this, and it will ensure that your financial totals for the event are fully and properly recorded. Recording manual payments also provide you with the option to have the system send a receipt email to the attendee, which ensures that they also have a proper record of their registration and any payments made on it.

To enter manual payments for attendees who pay you any money offline, follow these steps:

Locate the attendee registration that you need to add a payment. You can do this in one of several ways: use the search bar to find the attendee by name (easiest), search for the attendee from within your attendees' list, or search for the attendee from within the event that they are registered to.
Open the attendee's registration panel and select the Payment tab, where you will find the option to Add a new payment.
Fill in the information for the New manual payment. This may include the amount you received, which may be different from the total event cost, and an optional payment description. Since it is an offline payment, select the method of payment you received. Choices include  offline credit card, gift certificate, credit voucher, debit, transfer, check, cash, or other. You also have the option to check the box "Send payment receipt" so that your customer is notified of the transaction and has a receipt for their records. If you choose to send them a receipt, you are also given the option of sending yourself a copy of the receipt too.

Select "Save payment" to complete the transaction.

Note: Every time a full or partial manual payment is added or refunded, you have the option to have the system send out a confirmation receipt email to your customer. The receipt will detail everything related to any payments made for that attendee's registration to the event, as they have been applied to date.

How offline payments show on registration forms

If your event has both offline and online payments enabled, the customer will be presented with an option to choose the offline option or simply make an online credit card payment, as follows:

If your customer chooses the offline payment method on such an event, then the credit card fields disappear, the offline payment instructions appear (if you configured them as part of Step 2), and they are prompted to Register Now, as follows:

If your event only offers the offline payment method, then this option will automatically be checked on the registration form and present offline payment instructions (if you configured them as part of Step 2), and look as follows to your customers:

Note: You have the option of collecting offline payments by any method you choose, such as cash, check, gift certificate, credit voucher, money transfer, or other method. It is up to you when to collect these payments after your attendees register and be responsible for keeping track of them, such as adding them as manual payments to each attendee's registration panel for proper reporting and record keeping, as explained in the section above.

How offline payments show on receipt emails

Even if no payment is made during the registration process, which is the case in offline payments, a confirmation receipt email is still  automatically sent to every attendee that registers online to your event. Here is an example of what such an email would look like:

Common questions about offline payments

Are offline payments subject to any fees?

Offline payments are not subject to any online payment processing fees, as long as a credit card is not processed via Corsizio. As explained above, this includes manually recording any offline credit card, gift certificate, credit voucher, debit, transfer, check, cash, or other payments that you receive. However, if you process a credit card payment manually for your customer on Corsizio, then online payment processing fees will apply.

Regardless if they are free or paid or if payments are collected online or offline, all registrations are subject to usage billing fees if they go above the free low volume usage limit in any given month.

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