Financial reconciliation reports on Stripe

Corsizio has a few account-level reports that focus on totals for registrations and their revenue. You can find these by navigating to Reports from the main dropdown menu within your account. When you connect a bank account to Corsizio and accept online card payments through Stripe, you will have a separate Stripe account and its own login. There, you have access to their dashboard and reports to view all processed payments and bank payouts/deposits that have already been made and ones that will be arriving in the future.

Stripe has a Balance section and a Reports section, which allow you to view detailed balance and reconciliation reports, along with the ability to download these reports in CSV format and subscribe to receive the reports by email. Visit Stripe's help documentation on Financial Reports & Reconciliations to learn more about them.

If you would prefer to receive your bank payouts from Stripe on a different payout schedule, such as weekly or monthly, you can set this by logging into your Stripe account and modifying your payout settings. To learn more about anything related to Stripe's payment processing and payouts, please read Stripe's help documentation about Receiving Payouts.

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