Sending confirmation receipt emails

When your customers register for your events, they are automatically emailed a confirmation receipt. This confirms their registration to your event and provides them with a breakdown of their payment details, if applicable. To see what these and other emails sent to your attendees look like, read the help doc Preview emails sent to attendees.

How to resend a confirmation receipt email

If your attendee has lost, misplaced, or not received their confirmation receipt email for any reason and requires a copy, you can resend it to them anytime. They may have entered their email address incorrectly when registering or overlooked the email in their inbox or deleted it by accident.

To resend a confirmation receipt email, follow these steps:

Select the attendee to whom you wish to resend a confirmation receipt email by using the search bar or the Events > Attendees list for which they are registered. This will open up their registration details panel.

From the dropdown Actions menu on the top right side, select " Resend confirmation receipt".

This will open up a window asking you to confirm the "Resend the confirmation receipt email?" and the recipient(s) that are to receive it. Finalize this action by selecting "Send now."

Note: Any time you add an attendee manually, add a payment, or issue a refund, you are always given the option to send that attendee the new or updated confirmation receipt email. It is highly recommended that you do so that your attendee is fully informed of any changes to their registration.

Other attendee emails

  • If you need to send a manual payment request email to an attendee, read the help doc Sending payment requests.
  • If you need to send a manual feedback request to an attendee, read the help doc Event Feedback.
  • If you need to send a memo message to an attendee, read the help doc Messaging attendees with memos.
  • If you enabled the attendee self-serve page and your attendee has access to it, they can also resend themselves the confirmation receipt email from there.
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