Erase personal data from registrations

As part of Corsizio's commitment to strict data privacy and security, and compliance with the GDPR, we provide you with the ability to honor your attendee's requests for the removal of any of their personal data from Corsizio records. So if you get contacted by one of your attendees and asked to have their personal data deleted, as part of their right to be forgotten, you also have the ability to control this aspect from within your Corsizio account.

In your role as a data controller, you determine what information is collected from your event registrants and how that information will be used. In this regard, Corsizio acts as a data processor and does not use the data you collect from your event registrants in any way. Instead, we process the data on your behalf. Learn more about what is a data controller and a data processor.

Deleting a Registration vs. Expunging Personal Data

In order to be a responsible data controller, and comply with your data subject's (event registrant / attendee) right to be forgotten, you have two options to choose from:

Delete a Registration 

This option will delete a given registration completely, and include the erasure of all of the data associated with that registration, from both your Corsizio account and our Corsizio database. You can choose this option if there is no online credit card payment associated with the registration. If there is, you need to consider the expunge option below. 
Please be aware that the delete registration option will skew your reporting for that event. So it is only the best option to use if the registration was cancelled and the registrant did not actually attend the event, or if there were no financial transactions associated with it.

Expunge Personal Data on a Registration 

This option will keep the registration on file, but it will expunge (scrub out) all of the personal data collected on that registration. This means the obvious name and email address, as well as any custom field data you collected on this registration form. This allows the event registrant "to be forgotten" and have all of their personally identifiable data erased from the system. In turn, it leaves you with an anonymous registration record for proper financial and statistical reporting purposes. 
You can find both of these options within the selected attendee's registration card (information panel). From the Actions dropdown menu select  Delete/expunge this registration.

NOTE: Both the delete registration and expunge registration data options are irreversible, so please use them with full awareness, as we have no way of recovering the data back for you.

Aside from the delete and expunge options, you also have an option to cancel registrations, if you do not need to erase any personal data.

To learn about all of the functionality related to registrations, read the help doc How to edit registration information.

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