How to edit registration information

To make the registration process as quick and easy as possible for your audience, Corsizio does not require your attendees to create accounts with Corsizio. This eliminates any resistance or hesitation they may have about registering for your events online, and it does not require them to create or keep track of yet another login and password. 

When you create an event, your attendees are solely registering for that single event, and not to Corsizio or any of its services as a whole. The attendee is always presented with a simple yet secure registration form, and you are always presented with their most up-to-date information. If you have attendees who regularly register for your events, they can easily pre-fill the registration fields by having the auto-complete feature of their web browser do it for them.

Given that your attendees do not have an account or login with Corsizio, there are limits on what they can do when it comes to their registration. You have the option of enabling the Attendee Self-Serve Page, which provides your attendees with a few options, like the option to cancel their own registration. However, if you have attendees that need to edit their registration information, they will need to contact you, and you can edit the information for them.

Editing attendee information

To edit a registration, follow these steps:
Locate the attendee registration that you need to edit. You can do this in one of several ways: use the search bar to find the attendee by name (easiest), search for the attendee within your attendees' list, or search for the attendee within the event for which they are registered.
Open the attendee's registration details panel.
Select the Registration tab if you need to edit any of the information the attendee submitted to you. You cannot edit when the attendee registered.
Select the Payment tab if you need to edit the payment associated with the registration. You can do things such as request payment, issue a refund, add a manual payment, and release a pending amount. You cannot edit the attendee's payment method. 
If you need to change the method of payment, you need to do so by refunding the original amount and payment method and applying the new amount and payment method. For any other payment modification options, such as tax rates, coupons, or add-ons, please read the help doc Modifying the payment amount for a registration.
Select the Feedback tab if you would like to view the feedback submitted by this attendee or publish their feedback publicly. You cannot edit their feedback.

Select the Activity tab if you need to add a new note to this registration. You cannot edit old activity notes or automatic activity logs.
Select the Actions menu to complete any other tasks related to the registration, such as grant a completion certificate, resend confirmation receipt, send payment request, send a memo, transfer to another event, move to waiting list, cancel registration, delete registration, list matching registrations, register a related attendee, export attendee data, and preview attendee emails.
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