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In order to encourage more registrations to your events and receive registrations sooner, you can offer your audience early-bird pricing to your events. Early-bird pricing is configured specifically for each event and does not apply across multiple events. If you would like a discount to apply across multiple or all of your events, use the Coupons discount feature. Enabled early-bird pricing on an event applies to all external attendee registrations and internal manual registrations. 

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Early-bird pricing uses

Here are some benefits of using early-bird pricing for an event:

  • Can help you prepare and plan ahead for your event effectively. You may need to rent a space or order materials far in advance of your event, and early-bird pricing can encourage people to register early and give you an idea about how to prepare.
  • Meet your minimum attendee requirement. You may only want to or be able to run certain events if you have at least a minimum set amount of attendees coming. By encouraging your audience to register early, you can find out if that minimum will be met by a certain date before you invest time and resources into planning an event that may not be feasible. 
  • Nurture a sense of community and loyalty with your audience. You can share about the early-bird special with certain groups of your audience, like your newsletter subscribers, letting them know that they are the first to know about the event and provided with a special offer.
  • Spread the word about your event. The more incentive people have to sign up early, the more time and opportunity they have to share and talk about the upcoming event with family, friends, or coworkers. This natural promotion increases the likelihood of more people knowing and taking interest in your event. 

How to use early-bird pricing

To enable early-bird pricing for a specific event, follow these steps:

Go to Step 2 – Pricing & Payment when you are creating or editing the event that you want to offer early-bird pricing for.
After you fill in the regular event price, check the box "Enable early-bird price" and fill in the early-bird price and the date of the last day when this early price is offered and accepted. You can enable or disable this feature on the event at any time.
If you are offering other discounts on the event and would like to make the early-bird price discountable as well, check the box "Discountable early-bird."
When you are finished configuring this step,  Save & Exit, or proceed to the next step.

How other pricing features impact early-bird pricing

  • Multiple Price Categories: Early-bird pricing can be configured and enabled or disabled for each price category independently.
  • Coupons: Early-bird pricing can be used on events with enabled coupons. By default, the two features do not impact each other, and coupons do not apply to early-bird pricing. But the early-bird price can be further discounted using a coupon code if you make the early-bird price "discountable" within its setup.
  • Volume Discounts: Early-bird pricing can be used on events with volume discounts. Each registration that is part of the same flow counts towards the volume discount, whether these came in during or after the early-bird period.
  • Add-ons: You can enable and offer as many add-ons as you need for an event with early-bird pricing, but the early-bird event price will not affect any add-on prices. 

How early-bird pricing is displayed

When a person registers to one of your events that has the early-bird pricing enabled, they will be presented with your offer as follows:

On the event portal website

Your customer will see the lowest current price available for any event on your event portal site.

On the event page

Your customer will see a box below the event price advertising the early-bird pricing and its valid date. 

If, however, you have multiple price categories, this early-bird box will not show under the price and the customer will just see the word "from" followed by the lowest priced category reflecting an applicable early-bird price.

On the registration form

Your customer will see the regular price slashed and the early-bird price reflected accordingly as their total. 

If, however, you have multiple price categories or add-ons enabled on the event, the early-bird price will be shown with its associated price category in its own boxed section to keep everything clear. 

On the confirmation receipt email

Your customer will see a label next to the item name that indicates their registration had an early-bird price applied.

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