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In order to encourage more registrations to your events, you can offer your audience volume discounts for bulk registrations to the same event. Volume discounts are configured specifically for each event and do not apply across multiple events. If you would like a discount to apply across all of your events, use the Coupons discount feature. Enabled volume discounts on an event apply to all external attendee registrations and internal manual registrations.

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How to use volume discounts

To enable volume / bulk discounts for a specific event, follow these steps:

Go to Step 2 – Pricing & Payment when you are creating or editing the event that you want to offer a volume discount for.
Turn on the "Enable automatic volume / bulk discounts" to enable this feature, which will open up the options to configure it. You can enable or disable this feature on an event at any time.
Select the Discount Type: a specific Amount Off or a  Percentage Off for your volume discount.
Use the "New discount for" dropdown to set the rule for your volume discount and fill in the amount. You can have this volume discount apply to any registration after the first one or you can have it apply only to a specific registration number. For example, only apply it to the 3rd bulk registration.
Click on "Add discount" and continue to configure this feature if you would like to offer more bulk registration discounts. For example, have increasing discount amounts apply to higher bulk registration numbers.
When you are finished configuring this step,  Save & Exit, or proceed to the next step.

Examples of Volume Discounts

The volume / bulk discount feature is flexible enough to allow you to offer any of the following examples of volume discount configurations, and many others:
  • Get 20% OFF on any registration beyond the 1st for this event.
  • Get $10 OFF on any registration beyond the 1st for this event.
  • Get $25 OFF on the 2nd and 3rd registration, and get $35 OFF on any registration thereafter for this event.
  • Get $30 OFF on every 3rd registration for this event.
  • Get 50% OFF on every 5th registration, and 100% OFF on every 10th registration for this event.

Note: When you configure the volume discount to be based on the "nth" clause (see last two examples above), the discount cycle repeats every time this clause is met, and the system starts counting the registrations in that cycle again as required, in order to continue offering the attendee the set volume discount.

How other pricing features impact volume discounts

  • Multiple Price Categories: You can use multiple price categories with volume discounts, as the latter counts all registrations for an event in the same way. This means that if you have multiple price categories on an event, registrations can be made for any price category and count towards the volume discount when part of the same registration flow.
  • Early Bird: You can use early-bird pricing with volume discounts. Each registration that is part of the same flow counts towards the volume discount, whether these came in during or after the early-bird period.
  • Coupons: You can enable both coupons and volume discounts for an event, but only one of these discounts can be used by your attendees. If they decide to apply a coupon code, the volume discount gets disabled on their registration form. If they decide to use the volume discount, they cannot use a coupon.
  • Add-ons: You can enable and offer as many add-ons as you need for an event with volume discounts. These two features do not impact each other in any way.

How volume discounts are displayed

When a person registers to one of your events that has volume discounts enabled, they will be presented with your offer on each of the following:

On the registration form

Attendees will see the bulk discount offer along with an explanation of how it will be applied and when. If the particular registration is eligible for a volume discount, this will be reflected accordingly in the message and final total. 

When a volume discount is activated on a registration, there is also a way for the attendee to clear or opt-out of the volume discount and choose to pay the regular price if they feel that they don't need the discount or are happy to support your work and pay the full price. The volume discount can be re-activated if they change their mind for any reason while registering.

On the "Thank you" screen after registering

Attendees will see the offer along with an explanation of how it can be applied to other registrations, in order to qualify for the discount.

On the confirmation receipt email they receive

Attendees will see the offer along with an explanation of how to apply it for more registrations to this event. The attendee is instructed to follow the provided links, which keep track of the registration count in this flow and make them eligible for the discount. This email can also be forwarded to others, like friends, family, or coworkers, to register and be part of the discount flow. Read our help doc to learn more about how to Register multiple attendees to the same event.

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