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You can boost your marketing efforts and encourage more registrations to your events by offering your audience coupon discounts to your events. Coupon discounts are configured account-wide first and then enabled on events separately. You can create an unlimited amount of coupon codes and make them active or inactive, as your needs dictate. Coupon discounts can be used for external attendee registrations and internal manual registrations.

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Examples of coupon discounts

You can create many different kinds of coupon codes:

  • General coupon codes that apply to any of your events
  • Specific coupon codes that only apply to a particular event
  • Individualized coupon codes that are only given to a specific person (these can be used as a credit or gift voucher)
  • Internal coupon codes that are reserved for manual registrations only

Note: You can name your coupons any way you like, and make them as easy or as difficult to share.

How to use coupon discounts

To enable coupon discounts, follow these steps:

Part 1: Create the Coupon in the Account

Go to the account Coupons from the primary navigation menu.
Select add New Coupon

This will present you with a screen to configure your coupon. Refer to the following image as you go through the next steps.

Create a unique Coupon Code. You can create single or multiple codes at once but you cannot have two coupon codes with the same name.
Select the Coupon Type. It can be a dollar or a percentage discount and fill in the appropriate Discount Amount Off.

Choose whether you would like to give this coupon a Global Assignment, meaning that it would apply to all events that have the coupon feature enabled. You cannot remove a global coupon from an event unless you have this box unchecked.

Select Coupon Status. You can change this anytime you need to. For example, you can inactivate coupons temporarily or permanently. This is also where you would define any coupons for internal use only; such coupons are not available for public use.
You have the options of setting an Expiry Date, Max Limit, and Description for your coupon.
Be sure to Save & Exit when you have finished configuring your coupon. You are now ready to enable the coupon on an event.

Part 2: Enable the Coupon on the Event

Go to Step 2 — Pricing & Payment when you are creating or editing the event for which you want to offer coupons.
Turn on the "Enable coupon / promo discount codes" feature. You can enable or disable this feature on the event at any time.
Click on "Assign / change coupons" and check the box to select the desired coupon(s) from your available coupon list.
The applied coupon(s) will now show on this enabled feature for this event.

When you are finished configuring this step,  Save & Exit.

How other pricing features impact coupon discounts

  • Multiple Price Categories: Coupons can be used on events with multiple price categories. They will apply to each category in the same way. If you want a coupon to only apply to a certain price category, you can control this somewhat by being selective as to who you give the coupon code, but there is no guarantee that it will not be shared and used by an attendee from another price category. 
  • Early Bird: Coupons can be used on events with early-bird pricing. By default, the two features do not impact each other, and coupons do not apply to early-bird pricing. But the early-bird price can be further discounted using a coupon code only if you make the early-bird price "discountable" within its setup.
  • Volume Discounts: You can enable both coupons and volume discounts for an event, but only one of these discounts can be used by your attendees. If they decide to apply a coupon code, the volume discount gets disabled on their registration form. If they decide to use the volume discount, they cannot use a coupon code.
  • Add-ons: You can enable both coupons and add-ons for an event, but coupons only apply towards the price of the event and any add-on items you configure as "discountable".

How coupon discounts are displayed

When a person is interested in registering for one of your events that has a coupon code enabled, the price they see for the event on the event page and your event portal site is the regular price. The customer needs to have the coupon code and apply it to the registration form in order for the discount to be reflected in their final total.

On the registration form

Your customer will be provided with a field on the registration form under Price Details, where they can enter and apply a coupon code if they have one.

When they apply a coupon code, the discount will be immediately reflected in the price. If they need to remove the coupon for any reason, they can also clear the coupon to return to the regular price.

On the confirmation receipt email

Your customer will see details of their payment on the confirmation receipt email, along with a price breakdown indicating that a coupon code was used and the amount of the discount that was received.

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