How to delete an account

If your business needs have changed and you no longer require a Corsizio account, you have the option to fully remove and delete your data.

For more information about this, please also read the help doc: Erase personal data from Corsizio.

Account and User Login Deletions

Go to the account Settings, and in the left side menu under Danger Zone, you are presented with two options. 

Choose the first option "Delete this account only and keep my user login" if you would still like to have access to Corsizio and any other accounts that you are associated with. You will be asked to confirm your choice before the actual deletion takes place. If you have more than one account that you wish to delete while keeping your user login, repeat this same process for any of them.

Choose the second option "Delete my user login and its owned accounts" if you want to delete and remove all of the accounts that you are the owner of and you no longer want access to Corsizio. You will be asked to confirm your choice before the actual deletion takes place.

Warning: Deleting an account or a user login is irreversible and means that you will no longer have access to, or the ability to get back, any data within the account(s). 

Account Deletion Tips

It is free to have a Corsizio account whether you have regular or infrequent events throughout the year. As long as you plan to use the Corsizio account or continue to access its data, do not delete the account or its user login to prevent the loss of any past event, attendee, or other data that you may require for future reference.
However, as part of good housekeeping and in order to minimize any unnecessary data retention, we encourage you to delete any events or accounts that you no longer need.

Automatic Account Deletion

Accounts that have been inactive for a long time are flagged and scheduled for automatic deletion, which fully deletes all of their data. Before such a deletion occurs, the owner of the account is sent an email to the email address that is associated with their user login. If no action is taken beyond this notification email, then the account is fully wiped and deleted as part of our strict data privacy policy. 
To prevent this, the account owner should log into the Corsizio account every once in a while, which indicates to us that the account has not been abandoned and should not be flagged for automatic deletion.
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