Reasons email notifications are not received

If you become aware or notice at any time that you or anyone connected with your account or any of your attendees are not receiving emails from Corsizio, such as notification alerts, new registrations, or feedback, then please review the reasons outlined in the following help doc to know why this may be happening and how to remedy the particular situation.

Event(s) not configured properly

Make sure that you have configured your event(s) properly, as all notification settings are event-specific. Refer to Step 5 - Filters & Settings, when creating or editing your events. The option located there to "Receive notification emails for every new registration or feedback submission" needs to be turned on and have correct email addresses associated with it. 

The feature provides you with the option to  "Select/change recipients" which shows you a list of all instructors and users, like admins or editors that you have listed on the account, including yourself. Select any or as many of these recipients as you like or want to receive the notifications for this event. You also have the option to include a single email address of another external recipient, not associated with the account, whom you wish to receive any of this event's notifications. This is especially helpful when you want to send notifications to a group mailing list configured on your mail server. 

For help with email addresses on your account and events, refer to the help doc Changing an email address on account and events.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you inform any person or group of people that you are adding them to receive notifications from Corsizio about your events, otherwise, they are likely to " Unsubscribe" from the Corsizio emails or mark them as " Spam" due to not understanding why they are receiving them, which creates the problems outlined below.

Unsubscribed from Corsizio emails

All too often an account user or an instructor who has been added to receive notifications or an attendee who receives an email confirmation will use the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of an email from Corsizio. This may happen for several reasons, such as not being notified that their email is being added to receive notifications about an event, forgetting that they registered for an event, or thinking that Corsizio will be emailing them on a regular basis.

The "Unsubscribe" action will unsubscribe the person entirely from all future emails from Corsizio, as our system abides by this very strictly to be in alignment with anti-spam laws. It is, therefore, important to verify if the person who is not receiving emails from Corsizio did not directly unsubscribe. If they have, and they need to reverse this action, they can go back to one of the email messages they received before to use the link in the email footer again or send an email request to Corsizio support from the email address that was unsubscribed to ask for reversing their unsubscribe action and have future emails sent to them.

NOTE: Corsizio does not send out any marketing, promotional, or other such emails. All emails sent out from the system are essential for proper communication about registrations, payments, and alerts related to the specific event that a person is in charge of or registered for.

Emails in the spam folder

Another common reason for missing emails is simply that they are going to the spam folder. Unfortunately, Corsizio has no control over this, as it depends on the person's email and spam settings, and whether they have marked such an email as spam in the past. 
To remedy this, check the spam folder, and if any Corsizio notification emails are there, be sure to  move them to your inbox and unmark them as spam. You should also configure your email client to always send emails from "" to your inbox, and not your spam folder, specifically from the email address "". Please advise any of your staff and your attendees to do the same if this pertains to their emails.

Emails blocked by a mail service provider

An email service provider, especially when it is not one of the widely used, large consumer-based providers like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo, maybe using spam filtration systems like SpamCop and the like, to block emails from certain IP addresses. In many cases, these IP addresses are shared amongst thousands of users and the filtration services have false positives, causing many legitimate emails not to get through their filters. It will be highly dependent on your provider's settings. In most cases, this issue should resolve itself in a few days on its own, but it may also recur, as services like SpamCop list and de-list IP addresses in their block list regularly. 
To remedy this, contact your email service provider and ask them to whitelist "" and specifically "" to allow emails to get delivered to your inbox again.

Emails blocked by firewalls in organizations

If the email address is associated with an organization, it may not be receiving certain emails due to firewalls and other security restrictions. 
To remedy this, contact your organization's IT department and ask them to whitelist "" and specifically "" to allow emails to get delivered to your inbox again.

Emails accidentally overlooked or deleted

If an inbox normally receives a large number of emails at once or is full of emails, it is common that some emails may be overlooked or accidentally deleted. Some email services also provide various filter settings, which may send certain emails to hidden folders.
To remedy this, use your email search functionality to locate any necessary emails from Corsizio within your inbox and trash bin.
Note: If you are using Gmail, they have a support page that explains more reasons why you might be missing messages in your inbox.
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