Adding instructor bios

When you are creating an event, you have the option of associating an instructor with it.

How instructor bios work

Instructor bios are only for display purposes on your events. They inform potential attendees which instructor is teaching or facilitating the event and share some information about them if you fill out their bio.

Instructors can also be added to receive notification emails for every new registration or feedback submission that comes in for an event. This is configured in Step 5 — Filters & Settings when creating or editing an event, and fully explained in the help doc Notification emails for instructors.

Entering instructors and associating them with their respective events, as part of Step 1 — Main Details, can also help you prevent double-booking an instructor. You will receive a warning message if the instructor is already associated with an event in Corsizio that overlaps with the other event date and time.

Note: Instructor bios are NOT the same as account users, and each must be added separately. 

  • You can add multiple users to your account who are not instructors of any events but may help you manage the account. These users would have access to the account, and be given the roles of admins, editors, or viewers, as set by an account admin. 
  • You can add multiple instructor bios to be associated with any event that will not have access to your account. 
  • Account users can be event instructors who require bios, and instructors may need to be added as users to have access to the account.

How to add instructor bios

To add instructor bios, follow these steps:
  1. Select Instructors from the top navigation menu. 
  2. Use the "+ New Instructor" option in the top right area to add a new profile. 

  3. A New Instructor screen will appear for you to fill out with the name, position/title, email, and bio of the instructor.
  4. Be sure to Save & Exit the instructor bio before leaving this section.

Note: You can edit or delete an instructor bio anytime you need from within the same section.

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