Import data into Corsizio

In most cases, you will not need to import any of your event data into Corsizio. This will all depend on whether the data of interest is from previous events that you ran in the past or from current events that you have upcoming.

Importing past event and attendee data

Corsizio is meant to be used to manage events and registrations, not client relations or content. As such, Corsizio is not a customer relationship management (CRM) service, nor is it a learning content management system (LCMS). Every event stands on its own, and every attendee registration is independently entered and managed. You create new events and have attendees register to them brand new, regardless if they registered to an event in the past with you or not.
Therefore, if you want to import the data of past attendees, there is no place to put them, unless you create events to house them. This means that you would have to re-create old events with their past information and add the attendees who were registered to them manually. This will be a lot of work for you, and ultimately it does not help you in any way to use Corsizio; the exception may be if you want to use Corsizio's reports for your past event data. However, this may not be fully accurate depending on the transactions associated with those past registrations. So it is not recommended that you go through the hassle of re-creating past data, unless you have a very small data set, and it is really necessary for you.

Importing current event and attendee data

The most valid reason for importing event and attendee data would be if you have to switch registration software services part way through offering registrations to an upcoming event. In such a case you may want to input the registrations you have already received, and then continue receiving new registrations. 

To do this, you would create the upcoming event(s) on Corsizio, and then manually enter the attendees that are already registered. If you have several events that you need to do this for, and they are the same or similar, you can use Corsizio's clone feature. There is no way to bulk import events or attendee registrations into Corsizio, as each registration service out there is configured to work in different ways. Custom fields on registrations have to be configured and collected separately, and financial transactions cannot be moved between different services.

Note: All registrations entered on Corsizio are subject to usage billing if they exceed 50 in any given month.

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