Manual registrations to events

Most of your event registrations will likely come automatically when your attendees register themselves online directly to your events. However, you may also have the need to register attendees manually yourself from within your account. This may happen if your customer calls you by phone to register them or if you have walk-ins or if you have someone who may not be able to register themselves online.

How to register an attendee manually

To register an attendee manually, follow these steps:
Go to the event to which you need to register an attendee. You can use the search bar to find the event or use the Events list from the main navigation menu to locate it.
Select Attendees from the left side menu and use the "+ New Attendee" button or select " Register a new attendee manually" from the Actions dropdown menu.
A new registration panel will open for you to fill out with the attendee's information. It provides you with the option to "Look up & copy registration" to quickly populate the main fields if this attendee was registered to any of your past events. You also have the option to fill in an "Internal remark" to make a note about this manual registration.
If the event has a cost associated with it, this form will also present you with various payment options, including the ability to add a coupon code (if enabled),  pay a deposit only (if enabled),  process card payment (if enabled), skip card payment to pay later or offline, and  exempt owing amount and register for FREE.
You have the option to " Send a confirmation receipt" to the attendee (recommended), as well as the option to send a copy to yourself or someone else if needed.
Finalize the manual registration by using the Register button at the bottom of the form.

Manual payments

If you are given your customer's payment card information to pay for the event registration, be sure to act with the strictest security and confidentiality. As a reminder, no credit information is saved on Corsizio's servers after the transaction is completed. To learn more about this process, read the help doc Accepting online payments.
If your customer paid you in another way, offline outside of Corsizio, then you can add a manual payment after you finish registering them. To do so, follow these steps:
Choose " Skip card payment to pay later or pay offline" to bypass the payment section when you are registering a person manually.
Once you have their registration processed, go to their registration details panel and select the Payment tab to add a new payment. You will have the option to select the amount and payment method and add a short description. To learn more about this process, read the help doc Accepting offline payments.
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