Event pricing options

There are many different pricing options that you may be considering for your events. The following help doc will help you understand which ones Corsizio supports and how they are handled.

Pricing Options

Free Pricing

You can create free events, where there is no cost and the event price is zero. Read the help doc Free Events to learn how to use this pricing option.


You can add taxes to your event pricing that will either show separately on top of the event price or will already be reflected in the total event price. Read the help doc Charging taxes on events to learn how to use this pricing option.

Coupons / Discount Codes

You can accept coupons or discount codes as part of your pricing structure by creating coupon codes on Corsizio. Share these coupon codes with your audience, which they will be able to enter on the registration form when you enable this feature for your events. Read the help doc Events with coupon discounts to learn how to use this pricing option.

Early Bird

You can offer a reduced rate for your events and encourage earlier registration commitments by offering an early bird price up to a certain date. Read the help doc Events with early-bird pricing to learn how to use this pricing option.

Volume / Bulk Discounts

You can encourage more registrations to your events and reward your customers for it by offering volume or bulk discounts for additional registrations that stem from the original registration to the same event. Read the help doc Events with volume and bulk discounts to learn how to use this pricing option.

Multiple Price Categories

You can offer different price categories to your audience based on your applicable criteria. This may be categories for different ages, levels, income brackets, locations, positions, etc. Read the help doc Events with multiple price categories to learn how to use this pricing option.


You can offer your audience the option of purchasing additional items and services as part of their registration to your event using add-ons. You can include as many add-ons on an event registration as you like that would each have their own title, description, and price. You can also include and charge your attendees for an add-on after they register. Please note that add-ons are not tracked via any kind of inventory on Corsizio but you can set quantity limits. You can also make the price of your add-ons be of a fixed or a variable amount, and other coupon discounts will only apply to them if you configure the add-on to be "discountable". Read the help doc Event pricing add-ons to learn how to use this pricing option.


You can offer deposits on your events and collect only a part of the full price to secure an initial commitment from your customers. Read the help doc Events with deposits and installments to learn how to use this pricing option.


Corsizio does not currently offer a specific installment pricing option, but you can break up the total cost of the event into two prices and payments using deposits, or into more payments using offline payments, which allow you to accept multiple payment entries.


Corsizio does not currently offer any kind of event pricing that relies on recurring subscription payments. Each event stands on its own and has its own pricing, and your customers do not create their own accounts with Corsizio where any kind of subscriptions would be tracked. If your event requires subscription pricing, you will have to use a service geared specifically for that.

Sliding Scale

Sliding scale, also known as "pay-what-you-can," offers variable price amounts for products and services based on a customer's ability to pay. Such fees are thereby reduced for those who have lower-incomes, or alternatively, less money to spare after their personal expenses, regardless of income. You can offer your customers sliding scale payment options using the multiple price categories feature, which also supports the entry of variable price amounts. This way you can offer your customers a fixed or a variable option to pay what they can.


Corsizio is not a service that specifically caters to donation-based programs, however, there are two possible ways to achieve collecting a donation amount on Corsizio during the event registration and payment process. 

  • If you would like to charge for your event on a donation basis, then please refer to the Sliding Scale pricing option above, which uses multiple price categories and variable price amount entries.
  • If you would like to accept donations from your customers in addition to them paying for event registration, then you can use the add-on feature and provide some fixed or variable amount options of donations that your customer can add during their registration.

Sale Pricing

Corsizio does not currently offer the functionality of a sale price option, where you configure and reflect a sale price for a certain period of time. However, you can always change the event price manually, anytime you like, and as often as you need (see Pricing & Payment). Then, announce the reduced price to your audience informing them of the special or limited-time promotion based on your needs and preferences.

Package Deals

Corsizio does not currently offer any kind of event package pricing where customers would save by registering for two or more of your events at once. Volume and bulk discounts exist for registrations to the same event (as outlined above) but not across multiple events. In some cases, the add-on feature and/or the multiple price categories feature may be used to offer your audience a certain type of package deal.

Credits / Gift Vouchers

Corsizio does not currently offer the ability to apply any kind of credits or gift vouchers to the event price that would either provide a discount on the price or cover the entire event price. In some cases, you may be able to achieve a credit or gift-like experience by using the coupon discount option.

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