Sharing personal data with third parties

Corsizio is 100% committed to the highest privacy and security practices. We never share any data with any third party, or even use it in any way internally. Also, we do not store credit card information on our servers. All data and interactions are transmitted and stored with the highest level of security and encryption.

Our Commitment 

Our business model is to provide you with as much value as we can without limiting any features, and only charge for processing registrations on a pay-per-use model. All data that you collect on registration forms are only accessible to you and the users you invite to manage the account with you if any. 

We are also very supportive of the data privacy laws put into place, such as the European GDPR, Canada's PIPEDA, and California's CCPA, which all relate to personal data privacy. We feel that everyone, regardless of where they reside or do business, should follow the same strict privacy practices. Therefore, we built tools within our platform to let you fully expunge personal data from any attendee registration, when your customer asks you to, which is their right to be forgotten. We also do the same for you. If you decide that you want to destroy your account fully, we provide you with a single step to be completely erased from our system, without any traces that you ever signed up for our service. 

Your Responsibility 

  • If you invite any users to your account, you need to be diligent about their role, including what information they have access to and how they may use it.
  • If you export any of your data, you need to be diligent about how you use or share that data.
  • If you integrate with Zapier to connect with another app, or with any other service directly, you are authorizing to send them your data. Therefore, it is your responsibility to know how the applications you are integrating with may be using your data.

To learn more, please read our Privacy and Terms of Use summary.

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