How to use event memos

Corsizio will automatically send your attendees a confirmation receipt when they register. You also have the option to have Corsizio automatically send out an event reminder to all attendees before the event starts, additional payment or refund receipts, and feedback requests, depending on how you configure an event.

If you have another requirement for communicating with the people who registered for an upcoming or ongoing event beyond those mentioned above, you can use the memo feature described in this article.

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Uses for memos

Memos are meant to be used to communicate something specific about an event with the people who registered for that event only. Memos should be short and concise to relay information about the event quickly. Long messages may be ignored or not read thoroughly.

Here are a few reasons why you may need memos:

  • Notify attendees about any requirements for the event, such as what to bring or what to do before the event.
  • Notify attendees about any changes to the event, such as a change in time, location, or instructor.
  • Notify attendees about any announcements related to the event, such as when certificates of completion will be issued.
  • Notify attendees about any tips for the event, such as where to park or how to get there.

TIP — Always keep in mind that the fewer memos you send, the better, as most people do not like receiving too many emails, and this also helps you reduce your chances of people unsubscribing or marking your content as spam.

  • If your event is virtual and you need to send your registrants a link to access it, memos would normally not be used for this task. Corsizio provides you with a spot to include a link in Step 1 - Main Details, when you are configuring your event. You can also include a link as part of the custom message you can configure to go out on the registration confirmation and event reminder emails.
  • If you need to communicate with your attendees individually, one-by-one, it is best to click on their email address in their registration record and use your own email client, especially if you have a lot of attendees and need more memos than are alloted per event. (See yellow box in the section below.)

IMPORTANT — Memos are NOT to be used like a mailing or email marketing service. Information shared via event memos must be specific to that event only.

If you would like to promote other events to your attendees or share with them information about any of your other services or offerings, you need to use a proper email marketing service that allows you to manage a proper mailing list with opt-in and opt-out functionality for legal purposes. You can export attendee email addresses out of Corsizio or use one of the many integrations with other services for such usage.

Restrictions on memos

As mentioned in the section above, memos are meant to be event-specific only and not to be used for marketing or purposes beyond the event itself. Please keep in mind that when your attendees registered for one of your events, they were not signing up to a mailing list. They are only expecting to receive communication-related to the event for which they registered. Anything outside of that scope is considered unsolicited and may trigger them to mark such emails coming from Corsizio as spam, which negatively impacts the deliverability of all your Corsizio emails and those of other users.
Alternately, given that all emails sent from any business must still have an "unsubscribe" option provided by law, your event registrants may choose to unsubscribe from the emails if they deem them unrelated and thereby may miss actual important Corsizio emails related to your present or future event registrations.
Therefore, to abide by Anti-Spam Laws and our Terms of Use, memos must be used according to their intended function, as specified in this help doc.
  • It is not possible to send a memo to more than one event at the same time.
  • It is not possible to send a memo to the event registrants well after the event has finished.
  • Memos are not to be used for any marketing or promotional purposes.
If you need to or want to communicate with your present or past event registrants about anything beyond the event for which they were registered, you must use your own email service or a proper email marketing service that provides the recipients with opt-in and opt-out functionality for being marketed to.

Please note that failure to abide by these terms may result in the suspension of your Corsizio account.

NOTE — Memos are limited to a maximum of 20 per event. Once a memo is created, it is counted towards this limit, regardless if it is deleted at some later time.

This limit exists to reduce the chances of abuse of this feature while providing a generous range to cover rare event circumstances that need a higher amount of memos. Under normal circumstances, an event would only need up to 3 memos to support the event, if they are needed at all.

How to send a memo to some or all attendees in an event

There are two areas in your account that provide options for creating and sending memos to many or all attendees within an event at once.

MEMO ACCESS: You can access the memos feature by going to Events from the primary navigation menu and locating the event that requires a memo. This will provide you with the memo icon in the event box.
Alternatively, you can access the memos feature by opening the Event Details page for which you want a memo. This page has three areas that allow you to access memos for the event: the left-side Tools menu, the Tools icon bar, and the Actions dropdown menu.

If you use the Actions menu and select "Send a memo to attendees" this will automatically open a blank memo for you to fill out. Otherwise, any of the other choices will go to the memo page for the event, and then you have to select "+ New Memo" from the top right corner.

RECIPIENTS & STATUS: Adding a new memo will open up a panel for you to fill out and configure the memo. Select the appropriate Status and then select the Recipients that are to receive the memo. You can send it to all or some of the attendees that you select (unique) or none of the attendees if you want to send it to yourself or your internal team. 
MEMO CONTENT: Fill in the memo subject and body. You can use the rich-text  Editor or use basic HTML in Code view to enhance the body content of your memo. You can insert links to external pages, files, images, and videos. To learn more, read Attaching or adding links to external files

Once you have created more than one memo on any event in your account, then you can use the "Look up & copy memo" feature to use the content of any previous memo to quickly pre-populate a new memo. Essentially, old memos can serve as templates that can be used repeatedly with the same content or with modified content by editing them before sending them as new memos. When you select this feature, a window will pop up for you to find a previous memo using keywords and copy its content into the new memo.

MEMO SEND TIME: Decide if you want to send the memo right away (no scheduling needed) or Schedule memo to auto-send in the future. If you want to schedule the memo, set a date and time, and the system will send the memo at or within a few minutes of the configured time you select. You can choose the option to "Automatically add any other recipients when sending the memo." This will use the recipient's Status selection configured for the memo (above) to find all matching recipients to add just before the scheduled send. Attendees or other recipients (if you collect secondary contact names and emails on registrations) who you did not explicitly select as recipients during the creation of the memo might also receive the message given that it is automated and more attendees may have registered to the event since then. Select this option if you are sure that is what you would like.
Select the desired "Reply-to address" and check the box "Send a copy to" if you want to send the memo to yourself as well.
When you have finished configuring your memo, Save & Preview the memo. If everything looks right, Send Memo, otherwise, continue to Edit.

How to send a memo to a specific attendee in an event

This option will allow you to message a specific attendee in an event, one at a time.

Select the attendee you wish to send a memo to by using the search bar or the Attendees list or finding the attendee in the Event they registered for. This will open up their registration details panel.
From the dropdown Actions menu on the top left side, select "Send a memo to this attendee". This will open up a window to create and send the memo to the selected attendee.

Follow steps 2 through 6 from the section above to configure, fill out, and send your memo to the attendee. The main difference here is that you do not need to filter on any status or select from a group of attendees.

NOTE: Memos sent out from the system will be seen by your attendees as sent from your account name and will include your logo if you configured one. If attendees reply to your email message, then the email address that you configure on the memo as the "reply-to" will receive the replies from them.

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