Transfer a registration to another event

Corsizio provides you with the ability to transfer a registration from one event to another. To learn about all of the functionality related to registrations, read the help doc How to edit registration information.

Reasons for registration transfers

Here are the most common reasons why you may want to transfer an attendee's registration:

  • You have many similar or the same events running on different dates, and an attendee requested to be transferred to another date, different from the original one for which they registered.
  • You may need to cancel an event that has attendees registered to it and move their registrations to another event of its kind.
  • You may have created a "waiting list event" or a "holding event" to garner interest and accept registrations for the purpose of moving those registrations to an actual event or different events based on any criteria you choose.
Note: If you make a mistake and transfer the wrong registration, or the circumstances have changed again, you can always transfer the attendee back to the original event.

How to transfer a registration

To transfer a registration, follow these steps:

Locate the attendee registration that you need to transfer. You can do this in one of several ways: use the search bar to find the attendee by name (easiest), search for the attendee within your attendees' list, or search for the attendee within the event to which they are registered.
Open the attendee's registration details panel. Select the Actions dropdown menu and choose the Transfer to another event option.
A popup window will appear for you to use the Lookup & Select Event to which you would like to transfer this registration. You can even include past events by checking this option before you search.
Select Price Category to use the current event price or the new event price. If you choose the new price, the attendee will either have a balance owing or a refund that needs to be processed.
Confirm the Final Transfer Destination and choose whether you want to  send an updated email receipt to the attendee. You may also send yourself a copy of the updated confirmation receipt email if desired.
Finalize this action by selecting Transfer at the bottom of the box.
Note: Custom fields that were collected on the original registration might not match the custom fields that you have configured on the final transfer destination event. If you are using the globally configured custom fields on both events, then custom fields will all match properly. However, if they differ, some fields may not exist or may exist as extra fields after the transfer, depending on your configuration.
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