Branding emails and public pages

Corsizio is a service that caters to various types of business needs for event management, registrations, and payments. Therefore, some features and functionality will be a perfect fit for your needs and others not as much, since it is not a custom solution for any specific business. An important area that this applies to is branding, and this help doc will help you understand what is possible when it comes to branding your portal site, event pages, and emails on Corsizio.

Note: All public pages are co-branded where your brand is featured prominently at the top and Corsizio, as the service provider, has its brand featured in the footer areas. We currently do not offer any white-label feature that would enable you to pay to remove our brand.

Branding on Portal Site

The auto-generated portal site aggregates all of your active events on Corsizio. You can use this public page in addition to or instead of your own website to showcase your events and accept registrations to them. 

Follow these steps to brand your portal site:
  1. Go to Settings and then Account Profile to set your account name (your business name).
  2. In this Account Profile section, set a custom subdomain for your portal site URL (usually your business name).
  3. Go to Settings > Configurations > Portal Site to upload a brand logo image for your portal site. For best display results, the image logo should be horizontally rectangular with a height of around 120px – the width will adjust accordingly. The image file must be a JPG, PNG, GIF, or SVG and be under 5MB. An ideal image would be a PNG file with a transparent background to blend in better.

Note: The logo image that you upload in the Portal Site section is used for your portal site and all event pages, whereas the logo image that you upload to the Account Profile section is used for all emails (explained below). 

For other possible customizations, like header colors, text bars, and layout options, please read the help doc that fully explains the Event Portal Site. The portal site also provides you with the ability to include navigational links on the header to external locations, like your own business website or social media page.

Here is an example that shows the topmost part of what a portal site can look like:

Branding on Event Pages

All of your event pages will showcase your brand logo image or account name at the very top, depending on which you set to be featured for your account in the portal site configurations.
You can brand each event with its own cover image or video and description, which are fully explained in the help doc How to create an event.

Here is an example that shows the topmost part of what an event page can look like:

Branding on Emails

All of the emails that your attendees receive from you via Corsizio will include the brand logo image that you upload in the Account Profile section of your account settings. This includes confirmation receipt emails, event reminder emails, payment request emails, and memos. If you do not add this image, then the emails will not have your brand image. For best results, upload a transparent PNG file of your logo to blend in properly on the emails, which have a white background.

Here is an example that shows the topmost part of what a branded email can look like:

Name and Email address of "sent from" and "reply to"

Note: Your attendees will see your business name in the "from" section on the event emails that get sent to them via Corsizio.

If your attendees need to reply to you or contact you for any reason, your contact info will be provided near the bottom of the email (see below), based on how you set it in the public contact information for events section of each event or your account. You can always do some testing with sample data to know what emails will look like when they are sent to your attendees.

ALERT: As per the CAN-SPAM Act, emails must always accurately and clearly convey and include where or who they originate from, so it is not possible whatsoever to remove the Corsizio name from the footer or "sent from" email address. 

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