One-on-one private event bookings

This help doc deals specifically with how to offer private one-on-one events for a single person, instead of public group events for many people. If you are looking for help related to offering private group events that are not available to the general public, then please see our help docs Events with restricted or private access and Event discoverability on search engines

Corsizio is predominantly intended for group events; it is NOT an on-demand booking service or a scheduling service. However, in addition to your group events, you may have the need to offer some one-on-one event sessions, such as private lessons. For example, you may be running a dance school where students can sign up for your group classes and also to one-on-one private classes for personalized instruction.
You can create and offer such one-on-one event sessions on Corsizio in one of the following two ways:

Option 1: Each event is a single private session

Create an event using the 5-step event creation process the way you normally would but with a title and descriptions that reflect that this is a private class and not a group event. Note that the private session event must have a set date and time, it cannot be left open for the person to choose because Corsizio is not a scheduling service.
Also, as part of  Step 5 — Filters & Settings, be sure to  set the registration limit to 1, or to however many people can attend this private class. 

Additionally, you may wish to create a special category filter by going to account Settings > Configurations > Categories, to categorize these events as "Private Classes" or something similar when you are configuring Step 5. This will allow your audience to easily filter for them on your event portal site, and then choose from the available day and time sessions that you have provided.

Once you have this private session event template configured, then clone it as many times as you need to provide different dates and times that are available. You can do this on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on how popular such events are for you.

Option 2: One event houses all private sessions

For a more general solution, where the system takes care of the registration and payment, but you take care of scheduling a specific date and time for each private class, you would create one event to house all private classes for a specific timeframe and instructor. For example, you can create an event called "Private Classes for April" or one called "Private Classes for 2022" or one called "Private Classes with Name of Teacher", and so on.
In this case, as part of Step 1 —  Main Details, you would set the event start and close date and time to the timeframe of your choice, and make sure to adjust the registration close date to be at or near the end of this timeframe, so that anyone can register during this timeframe.

As part of Step 2 — Pricing & Payment, you can offer 1 price category for a single class or you can offer multiple price categories to sell a set number of such classes during registration. Keep in mind that you will need to manually track when students use these classes, as Corsizio is designed for set-date events only, and does not track any such private class or package details.

As part of Step 3  — Description & Content, you should provide an explanation about how and when this private class will be arranged.

As part of Step 4 — Custom Form Fields, you should create a custom field or heading that will show on the registration form to explain how and when this private class will be arranged.

As part of Step 5 — Filters & Settings, you should include a custom message that will show on the confirmation receipt email the registrant gets to remind them of how and when this private class will be arranged.

When you have finished configuring the event, Save & Exit.

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