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If you would like to communicate with your attendees about the events they are registered for, Corsizio provides you with the ability to send reminder notifications to your attendees by email, as well as the ability to send memos to registered attendees about anything pertaining to their event by email. There are no extra costs for these features beyond our regular pay-per-registration pricing.

As part of our effort to keep our user's costs as low as possible, Corsizio does not currently support any texting or SMS notification features, which would require their own pay-per-use fees. Implementing such a feature would require integration with a messaging service and would also add some complexity to the user dashboard. It is, however, something that we may consider implementing in the future if there is enough interest in it.

Texting or sending an SMS outside of Corsizio

Option 1: Use your own mobile phone

If you need to communicate by text with any individual attendee who is registered for one of your events, you can accomplish this outside of Corsizio using your own mobile phone device, as follows:

Collect phone numbers from your attendees using the built-in telephone form field (not a custom form field) on your event registration forms.
Log into your Corsizio account in a web browser on your mobile device.
Select the attendee you need to communicate with by text and open their registration panel. You can locate the attendee using the search bar or go to the Event > Attendees list to which they are registered.
On the attendee's registration panel, you will see a "Call" and a "Text" button in two areas: below their name near the top and next to the phone number field lower down.
By clicking on the "Text" button your default SMS application should open on your smartphone and enable you to text that individual outside of Corsizio. You can do the same by clicking on "Call" if you prefer to call them.

Option 2: Use an external messaging service

Another option that can provide you with the ability to text an individual or a group of attendees at once is to use an external messaging service outside of Corsizio. To accomplish this you will need to do the following:

Collect phone numbers from your attendees using either the built-in telephone form field or a custom form field on your event registration forms.
Export the attendee data with the phone numbers out of Corsizio.
Import or add the data as applicable to your chosen messaging service software. Here is a list of SMS Marketing Software providers listed on Software Advice that you can explore to find what may best suit your needs.
Note: Corsizio is not intended to be used as a marketing platform. If you would like to communicate with your attendees about your future events, any promotions, or any other topics, you need to do this through a proper email marketing platform, like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, MailerLite, or AWeber, or a proper SMS marketing platform as mentioned above.
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